Hello! Newbie Here. I am luciaanna

in introduceyourself •  3 years ago  (edited)

Joined yesterday. I am very proud to be a humble member of this beautiful community.lucia rotonda.jpg

Photo taken by my husband. It's me.

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Thank you so much for your welcome message and for the link. Followed you. @paolobeneforti, noticed you are Italian, like me! Pleased to meet you.

lo sono. ma gli italiani su Steemit sono pochi, al momento :)

Speriamo di incontrare molti italiani qui.
Let's hope to meet other Italian members in this community, @paolobeneforti.

Welcome to Steemit! I hope you enjoy your time here-- it is a very nice community for creativity; writing, photography, art and more!

Thank you so much for your warm welcome

Welcome on steemit, @luciaanna!
Ti troverai bene qui, è una community veramente accogliente ^_^

Grazie. Lieta di sentirti dire che ho trovato una comunità accogliente.
Thank you, @silviabeneforti. Glad to hear that this is a welcoming community.

Welcome! Follow you :)

Thank you!

be careful what you say or you might get censored.

hi @luciaanna Welcome to Steemit
.......... Ciao aderire ..................

Thank you

you are welcome

Welcome to Steemit. Stephen

Thank you!

Benvenuto a Steemit, Luciaana!

Thank you! I am a curious woman, @orenshani7. You answered in my language, that is Italian. Where do you live?

Hi Luciaana, I live in Israel and I don't really know Italian (I used Google translate 😉). But I love your country and it's culture very much.

I visited your beautiful country a few years ago. Glad to hear that you love my country.

Welcome dear friend @luciaanna I wish you many successes

Thank you. Followed.

Many thanks @luciaanna,

You are welcome

welcome to steemit @luciaanna.... ^^

Thank you.


Thank you.

You're welcome:)

Welcome to Steemit! :))

Thank you.

Welcome to steemit @luciaanna. Best of luck to you

Thank you @gringalicious. Best of luck to you too!

Welcome to steemit @luciaanna, I wish you the best of success and interaction here. I'll be checking some of your blogs for sure. Upvoted

Thank you for your warm welcome. It's very kind of you.

You're very welcome.