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My name is Xaela. I am from Salt Lake City, Utah. Before you ask, the answer to your question is No, I am not a Mormon. It seems to be the number one question Utahn's get asked (if you were wondering). Putting religion aside, Utah has been a pretty amazing place to grow up. That, however, may be a topic for a blog entirely of its own. So back to the focus and title of this blog; introducing me.

Wildlife! That single word resonates in every aspect of my life and I hope to make it resonate, at least partly, in yours too. I can't say enough how passionate I am and how deep of a love I have for hunting, fishing, and hiking. Just in case you didn't already know, Hunting is Conservation. Fishing is Conservation. Both provide for wildlife and provide for me. Getting in depth about this topic would get lengthy and is yet another subject that is blog or multiple blog worthy.

Caught my first Steelhead this Spring. Photo Credit: Cody Edwards. ( He should also receive credit for teaching me how to fish for these beauties)!

I not only advocate for wildlife on my personal time but while I am on the job as well. I work for the Division of Wildlife. I know, I know. I am seen as one of the "Bad Guys" because I work for the government. But hey, not ALL State and Federal employees are bad, Right? Well, I'd like to think not anyway. Maybe your opinion differs? If it does, I'd love to hear your thoughts and input! I'm always up for an eye opening debate.

Photo: I am holding one of Utah's Beautiful Native Fishes in the San Rafael Swell
(Bonus: Can anyone name this fish?)

I am starting grad school this Fall. I bet you couldn't guess what I will be getting my Masters in. Okay, maybe you can after this intro. Yep, no surprise its in Wildlife Biology. I am incredibly excited to start working on a thesis relating to coyotes and mule deer. If any of you are grad students or recent graduates and have suggestions, tips, good reads or ideas pertaining to grad school success, research methods, GIS, or coyotes/mule deer, please don't hesitate to comment and share your knowledge! I am, like with debates, always up for increasing my knowledge base.

Lastly, since this is getting long, and I do applaud you if you have made it this far because this is simply reading about me, rather than something truly exciting or educational, I am a mother of a 3 year old son who is so charismatic. Just like me, that boy is only happy when he is outside. Unlike me, it is usually if he is covered head to toe in dirt and mud. I couldn't be happier to have a fishing buddy and hunting buddy. I take a lot of pride in raising him to be educated about wildlife. I'll admit, he doesn't know all of his ABC's and he can only count to 7, on a good day, but he knows all about heavy equipment , farm equipment, and so many kinds of animal species (like the peacock that randomly showed up in our neighborhood this week, which we may end up trapping so the poor thing doesn't become Fiddo's Dinner). He may change his mind as he grows older (And that is Okay) but I will continue feeding his passion!

Photo: My Son Riding the Heber Creeper (On the Easter Train, luckily for his sake when he gets older this picture does not show how Terrified of the Easter Bunny he is)

Well, I think that pretty much wraps up the big details of my life and provides a little insight to who I am. I am an open book, so if you want the nitty gritty details I'm happy to share (Just ask). But For now, I am excited to contribute to this incredible community and look forwarding to meeting some great minds. Thanks for reading!

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Welcome to steemit! Nice to meet you here!:)


Thank you. I am really excited to be here!

Welcome to Steemit!


Thank you! I followed you. You're photography is beautiful!


Appreciate the compliment and thanks for the follow @lovewild!

welcome to steemit @lovewild. so glad having your personality in this platform, looking forward to more of your posts.

followed you


Thank you. I am so excited to be here and can't wait to get some of my ideas out on my blog. This is all so new to me!

Welcome to Steemit! Would love to visit Utah one day. I am from South Florida :)


Thank you! Utah has some silly laws (doesn't any state?) but the land is amazing and so unique.. although I probably have a biased opinion.
Pictures I've seen from South Florida are beautiful. I've never made it very far East. But would love to visit. I have heard the humidity is pretty intense.


Florida is beautiful during the right time of year. Its the best in feb-may before it becomes too unbearably hot. Its definitely a place you have to adapt to with the heat and humidity thats for sure lol


It gets super hot here in the middle of summer too but it's a dry kind of heat usually. I will keep in mind to visit in the spring so it's not super hot! I don't think my hair could ever handle the humidity haha.

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@edekadam Steelhead are kind of like a rainbows' more robust cousin. They are a trout that swim out to the ocean to grow and then make their way back up rivers to spawn. They get much larger than rainbow trout. This guy was 33 inches long and had sealice still in his gills when I caught him.... It's incredible to think of the long journey he made in just a few short months.

I just finished reading your turkey hunting and baby ungulates posts. I like the information and followed you.


Thank you!! Glad you liked it