Hi Dtube

in introduceyourself •  10 months ago

Okay I am crossing my fingers and toes to get this short video to upload ... no more error notification please! Come on dtube let's be friends :)

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Welcome to Steemit lorenayogini. Let me know if you got any questions about Steem or anything related to it! The official FAQ can be found here and has A LOT of information https://steemit.com/faq.html - Also remember, Steemit is just ONE of the sites built that uses Steem the blockchain. We also have DTube - our very own Youtube, DSound for Soundcloud and Steepshot if you prefer Instagram like experience. I'd also like to mention ChainBB - forums, Busy - Steemit with more modern look basically, DMania for memes and Dlive for streaming just like in Twitch! You can also earn Steem by gaming now! Search for Steemgar if that's more your thing. Welcome to the blockchain! :)


WOW!!! Thank you so much, I'm going to check all of those out! I feel so grateful to be connecting with like minded people and be part of this new revolutionary wave :)
Thank you for all the info!!

Welcome to Steem. Don't forget to have fun while you are here :) It's a pretty chill space overall :)


Yes so important to have fun :) I'm excited to connect with cool like minded people!

Welcome to the family.. Good luck..


Thank you so much... I actually did a little happy dance that it uploaded successfully :)

Hey Lorena, I was just talking with someone who is performing really well on Dtube. Their first piece of advise to me was to use more descriptive titles. This makes Dtube think your video is more unique.


Thank you!! I'm soaking up all the suggestions and will have to come up with more disruptive titles and content :) ... Gracias!!

Hi, lorena
Welcome I read your #introduceyourself and its nice to meet you. YOU WILL LIVE IT HERE
Blogging thats what its all about on this platform and this blockchain. Blogging is it, blog on and you could be succesfull! 🤛 and you could earn money. 💴💸💰
I love blogging ❤️ Thats why I am, where I am today on the steemit platform.
But be carefull with all your passwords !! Never give those up !!
For very good safety tips visit https://steemit.com/steem/@verhp11/safety-first-first-aid-kit-for-steemians-who-are-just-beginning-this-great-journey from Our fellow steemy @verhp11
The Steemify App I use is great, it is available in the Appstore and free, go cheque it out. I wish you good luck with steeming and I Will See you around🍀
Greetings from Brittandjosie from the Netherlands


Ahhhhh greeting from Bali!! Thank you so much, I'm feeling all the love and am excited to share much much more, I already love writing and now I can do it in a community that will appreciate it!

Thanks for the tips I'm going to check that out now too!!

Welcome to Steemit! I find you very interesting and would like to invite you in our community. Here, we mentor individuals and provide them tips to survive and earn in Steemit and other sites.

If interested,just click here.


If you don’t have a Discord profile, you will have to create it, but it is quite simple. Once you are inside, look for the #general-spanish room and then go to the pinned messages (Up and right, click on the red spot).

See you there!


Thank you will definitely set that up!


Welcome to Steemit! Wishing you the best here.


Thank you so much ... please follow and I'll follow to :) Looking to empower myself and others on this amazing platfrom!

Coming in loud and clear.

Good work as always on the video.