Hello!! I'm new here in Steemit....i love Photography and Books!!

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Hello! My Name its Carlin from Venezuela i'm 21 years old, almost 22!. welcome to my blog, i'm new here in Steemit. i'm studying Film production and photography. i had made 3 shortfilms with my group of friend but i like the most photography. i love been with my family. I'm only chiild but i have A LOT of cousins and they're amazing with me.


I love to read books in english and spanish it can be novel, a love story or wathever.
I have a list of my favorites authors and books that i will share soon.
if you like books,photography or music you can follow me :)

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Hi Carlin. My name is Francis. Welcome to steemit.

Hello Carlin. Wellcome to this great community. Here you will find many friendly people. Enjoy :)


hi! thanks! i hope so! :)

You are welcome on Steemit!

Welcome to Steem!


thank you!

Steem help a lot ... :) I hope your steem life is good :)


thank you!


welcome Carlin
steemit wil make your dreams come treu.


thank you!

Bienvenida a Steemit


nice and welcome

Hi, welcome to steemit, enjoy to stay here !


hi! thanks!

Bienvenida a Steemit @linrojas


gracias tochee :)

Welcome to steemit! I gotta say the kuffiyeh that you're wearing caught my eye. I write mostly about Middle Eastern politics, US corruption, media propaganda etc. If you're interested in those topics feel free to follow me 🤗. Good luck and I hope you like it here.


Hi! thank you!! sure, i will follow you! :)

It seems, you like Stephen King...Hello to steemit...I will follow your channel...