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The last months have been absolutely amazing for me personally but even more for the Libereum Project. While Libereum is on the brink of becoming a globally known crypto currency I wanted to share some developments we are very proud of.

  • Our private sale has been sold out in less than one month after actually announcing our private sale.

  • On average our investors have spend 15,000 USD Per Person.

  • We are in talks with 4 football clubs (3 Dutch clubs and one from Spain) at this moment while having been invited by clubs from Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, South Africa and South Korea.

  • We are about to launch the ICO online starting from 0.90 USD Per Liber. So exciting!

  • We already have two partnerships with industry professionals which will boost the demand for Libereum even more. One of these partnerships is based on the gamefication of one of the most important parts of football itself.

Of course these are not the only developments and many will follow but I feel compelled to share these with all our fans and investors.

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Cem Kumlar
Founder and CEO of Libereum

Our Whitepaper can be found here


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The idea of this project is very interesting and promising. The team inspires confidence and strives to achieve maximum results.

#LIBEREUM a project with great potential for development in football. I like how the team works on their product. I recommend everyone to support the project as investors

Project has all the conditions for industry professionals. Very good idea, powerful team, Good prospects. Lets paticipate with this promising project! #LIBEREUM #SOCCER #BLOCKCHAIN #FOOTBALL

An excellent project that absorbed all the best from blockchain technologies aimed at promising solutions. I wish success to your project and I will definitely take an active part in it.

A very good and professional project, rapid progress for the project.

Football is extremely popular in Europe, so a project connecting this sport and crypto is going to be huge. Keep up the great work you do!

The team inspires confidence and strives to achieve maximum results. Good project

Hello Libereum!

Very promising company!

An innovative project which is gaining huge momentum and in the near future will be one of the most successful projects! Follow news! Welcome on #ICO. Join now #LIBEREUM #SOCCER #BLOCKCHAIN #FOOTBALL

Libereum's very first post. We support you Libereum and we love to see more about football! Thanks to the team behind for the awesome project!

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