Hello Stemians, Hello to Me, Who is me?

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So I am new here obviously, and I landed on this page so I can introduce myself. 

What Planet Am I from? 

My name is Dima, an Arabic name that stands for rain. I chose to call myself Libanista because I am from the beautiful country Lebanon. For those who do not know Lebanon, we are well know for our culture and for our mind openness to the world.

I have grown up in a small village in Lebanon called Baalbeck which is also well known for its touristic sites and temples. In Baalbeck, I have developed the enthusiasm to learn about technology since I was 14 especially that at that time the village had poor access to internet and weak educational institutions.

Did Martians Come and Invade my village? 

No, or else I would have been using steamit.mars !!!!

After I finished high school I decided to study Information Technology and earned a certificate with High Distinction in it. Directly after graduation I started a training program following a long term contract with a reputable software company. During that period, YES I became a geek and I learned lots in web development technologies, quality assurance, project management and so on. During a period of six years I became a team lead and managed a team of SIX. 

UNTIL this creature attacked my heart 

Yes she is my sweet little angel. Her name is EVA and she is turning 3 in May. She is a tiny creature that makes you amazed by colours, sounds, Alphabets, songs. Her favourite song is Finger Family and we do sing it in different languages.

She loves dark chocolate, she is special and gifted! She is also loves coffee and swears by God she was not the one who sipped the potion out of my cup!

What Happened after Invasion?

I became a stay at home mommy, and chose to work as a freelancer so I can help building up profit in a future organisation which I know will never fail me "My Daughter"!

I also became a little crazy as a part of the Mommy Job!!  

And an event planner! A snap from Eva's bday!

What other things I do/ do not do/ do do do/ done/love/hate ?

  1. I love to write and have contributed before in writing articles in human resources which I learned after I earned Masters in Management information systems
  2. I love cooking and am good at making treats.
  3. I also love to decorate and do event planning. A skill I learned from being a Mommy.
  4. I also know basic photography skills
  5. I have been to two countries in my life: South Africa "Capetown" and Turkey "Istanbul". Here are some WOW moments
  6. I love sports and train on a daily basis
  7. Love socialising 
  8. Hate negativity
  9. Hate that Am talkative sometimes!

Follow me here!

Find me on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/dimaelrifai 

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great post and pics :) welcome

Thanks Jono22!

Welcome to the community
So glad to have you here. Your writing here was so refreshing and inspiring. I really look forward to seeing your future posts.

I also seek to...

"reach the hearts of people with a positive gesture"
That's always my focus with every post. It seems to work well as people on here want the real stuff!

I'm wishing you the best and want to affirm what you said. Just start! Write write write!

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Welcome to steemit!
We are happy to have you here :)
You got an upvote from @arabsteem curation trail!
Feel free to join us on our discord chat https://discord.gg/g98z2Ya

Welcome to Steemit, Dima. Nice introduction. Keep sharing your thoughts and ideas. Have fun Steeming.

Welcome to Steemit! You have been followed!

Welcome to steemit @libanista keep posting such nice content 😊

Very nice to meet you Dima! Waiting for your upcoming posts 😉

great post