Hi I am leandro, the Brazilian you need to know

Hi handsomes ! Nice to meet you !! It is a big step to me to right this post. I never
thought that something like
STEEMIT could exist, and there it is. First let me introduce me. I am Brazilian , I
was born at Santos ( the same city
that PELÉ played soccer , and NEYMAR too). But I am not a soccer player. I am
a dancer teacher, engineering
student, bitcoin holder , and I have worked with a bit of everything.

I love to dance , but I love to study too and Brazil with many poors and many rich
people, many times they are neighbors.

And this always make me thoughtful. Why is there so many rich people and so
many poor people?
So I started to study Brazilian history , Economy, karl marx, Ludwig von
Mises....years studing. At one day I read about Bitcoin.
First time , I did not understand and I left for another day. Months later at talked
to a person who own a Bitcoin exchange , and talking with him I really understand
the power of decentralization.
From that moment I read about blockchain everyday. Ethereum, Lisk, Waves,
NXT , everything !
That moment I see that decentralization will change everything. It will create
opportunities for everyone.
Last here I did a Master class , It was amazing because while that class I had the
power to make the lives' students great.
I think STEEMIT can do it too. Make the life great.
Let's make the world better !
Live long and prosper STEEMIT !


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I was in Rio in November. They need mass Bitcoin adoption.