LBYS's Crypto Blog Introduction (8/30/17)

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I'm, "LBYS", a full-time college student that has gotten into cryptocurrency as a hobby last month. While I have owned/used Bitcoin since the big increase in 2013, I have just recently gotten into "HODL"ing. I will be executing this strategy mostly but sometimes I'll be a little riskier. I'll be catching up with my background and my continuing journey of gaining experience in this new industry. I thought it'd be cool to jot my thoughts down somewhere and track my trades/ventures. This post will be an introduction to my Crypto Blog where you can find my thoughts on current events and tracking my ever changing portfolio. The goal is to get as many Bitcoins as possible and hoard. The blog should be fairly organized but I can imagine rambling on topics in the future to get my thoughts on here. Indepth Analysis and Reasons for specific trades will be great for experience and learning opportunity. Hoping to post at least once a day even if it's short or a slow day. Maybe someone can learn with me and/or help along while I find my own way to the moon.

My current portfolio consists of:
1.0158 BTC
2916.5736 DNT
3736 CASH

*where red indicates altcoins that take away from the net worth in BTC

I am hodl'ing all Bitcoin. The rule is that you are not allowed to sell Bitcoin and altcoins are just a way to get more Bitcoin. I have all my keys backed up in a encrypted hardware wallet for the future.

As you can see, I am already up at 19.38% not counting current investments in altcoins after a month mostly because of the Bitcoin gains.
My current trade book consists of:

*SOLD BCH @ .1103417 for .03859126 BTC

Currently trading on Coinbase, Bittrex, and Liqui.

First thoughts:
Significant DNT bags but going to hold through the current storm. CASH "locked-up" until Nov. 18 as Cash Poker Pro's pre-ICO just ended today and they don't launch until that date. Will somewhat keep tabs on the progress of the main ICO but will mainly just wait it out until Nov. 18 and sell. Possible addition of ATS Sep. 14 due to the bounty program. Hopefully my altcoin pool is substantially bigger going into the last half of September. I'm also going to try to never drop referral links.

Looking forward to my Steemit journey and quality blog posts! Give me your suggestions and tips to improve, too! Remember to follow me and I'll follow back!


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Nice first post, welcome to steemit! Upvoted and followed.

Welcome to Steem @lbys I have upvoted and sent you a tip

Welcome to the community, Lbys !! Wish you much luck! Cheers! Follow me !

Wellcome, It is great to have you here!. If your here to make money then its hard work....but don´t give up!

Welcome to Steemit! It's good time to start create Steemit better :)

Nice to meet you, @lbys! Welcome to Steemit!

Howdy @lbys? Welcome to steemit :]