My visit to Jesus' Baptism Site on the Jordan River

in introduceyourself •  last year


This was by the church near the Jordan River


The Jordan River that separates Jordan and Isreal (there were armed guards on both sides so crossing isn't an option)


These next two pics are Jesus' baptism site



A bottle of Holy Water


These couple of pics are left over from the original church that stood next to the baptism site


Uknown bones found by the church site

I hope you all enjoy these pics! This was an amazing and spiritual visit!!

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Thanks again for sharing the lovely pics!

Nice post @larryt20 ! Seems like a very interesting trip.

You have my upvote, comment and follow.
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Thanks! I have followed and upvoted you as well. We seem to have a lot in common too. Im a huge sports fanatic and I have dove pretty deep into crypto as well.


Welcome to steemit ...keep posting valuable posts
You are sport fanatic as you said then you can follow me


following :)

Welcome @larryt20

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