Biathlon in Slovenia

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I had the pleasure of competing in a biathlon in Pokljuka, Slovenia! I am currently living in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, so being in Pokljuka felt right at home! Before attending this event I had only skied two times in my life, so it was a bit of a challenge. I was able to meet and make friends with several people from different nations, which was the best part! Please enjoy some of the pictures from my adventure!



After the competition we were pretty thirsty, so some beers in Bled, Slovenia was in order....


There was also an amazing castle in Bled


And finally, I came in at 15th out of 30 if you were wondering....not amazing, but for my third time skiing, I will take it!

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I have a few friends in Slovenia who I met while doing work for the Chicago Cubs at their Corporate Office next to Wrigley Field.

Great guys. We had a great time while in Chicago and Milwaukee.


Man sounds like you have an awesome job, what do you do? Im not a cubs fan, but Wrigley Field has some history.

Yea man everyone there was nice, and they were military guys so they could put down some beers! I remember one of the instructors running around the dorms drunk in his underwear haha! The landscape there reminded me of being here in Colorado too. Good times.