Events By Lany - HELLO Steemit Fam!

Hello Steemit World!

I'm thrilled to be with you all on this platform as I am so tired of the old guard social media platforms. A little bit about myself, I plan events (retreats, workshops & conferences) for international business owners and coaches. I just completed an amazing event in Bali and will be heading to Panama and London shortly.

After almost 10 years of working some of the most recognized brands globally, I chose to work with business owners, coaches and entrepreneurs. There is no way that I can work with every person that wants to create an event, so part of my mission is to help educate business owners about the foundational elements that are needed to create successful events. I find that if you have a base of knowledge to start with you can make more educated decisions with your event and be more efficient with your event expenses.

Events are a messy, stressful part of business. They require great attention to detail, massive oversight and a working budget. How is a business owner supposed to navigate the murky waters of event planning while running a business that requires their attention 24/7? That was the problem that I worked diligently to solve. I researched event planning checklists on the market and realized that the options were lacking the nitty gritty details that make the difference between a successful event and one that falls flat.

I harnessed all of my event planning and experiential marketing knowledge and started building an event planning checklist. It turned into a comprehensive product called the Event Planning Roadmap that includes 200 page, 30 downloadable files and 25 checklists. This roadmap eliminates all industry jargon & simplifies the event planning process. With the Event Planning Roadmap, business owners can now confidently navigate the process of event planning.

EBLRoadmap 500x375.jpg

Plain and simple, I'm here to help you understand where to start and how to create amazing event experiences.

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Welcome to Steemit Lany!! Hey everyone Lany is someone I have known for years and is an amazing event planner and social media user.


Thank you! @hilarski I'm happy to be here and hope to connect with more people. I have so much respect and love for you guys!

Great intro Lany! Your blog is going to be an enjoyable one to follow. Welcome to Steemit!

Hello Lany, welcome to Steem! :-)

Welcome to steemit @lanysullivan =) Nice to see you around !

Welcome to Steemit followed and upvoted!


Aw, you rock! Thanks! @exploretraveler

Thanks for sharing :) love to hear it. Any major event decor trends 2017 you think have been the biggest this year, such as these? I like their event floor plan tools, but I'd love any other ideas that you might have for planning out my seating for my upcoming event. If you have any other tips for planning seating, I'm all ears!