A A slightly loooooong introduction.

Heeey, how you doinggg? (Insert joey tribbianni’s sexy face). You must know that I intended to start this whole thing a little differently, but 'cause of a certain inconvenient you’re gonna have to settle for this. Now don’t you despair, the incredibly outstanding idea I had to start this post with, will still knock the wind out of your lungs one way or another, you just wait for it.

Now, my dear esteemers, I will have you know I had a ton of ideas crossing through my mind regarding this first post, to the point of spending about 2 whole days juggling options and stressing myself into a puddle of indecision, but, upon stumbling on a couple of instructions and recommendations on how-to-steemit, I thought that doing an introducing post about myself wasn’t such a bad first step. So here we go.

Now, that tropical cinnamon colored beauty you see up there, magnanimous and magnificent as you see her, it’s yours truly. My name is Oriana, I’m 20 years old med student, born and raised in lil’ Venecia, or as most people know it as, Venezuela, the land of natural riches, natural beauties, and natural idiotic borderline dictators (as is tradition).

Anyhow, about myself, Laflacasings, the oreo flavored cumba-cumba girl, as my mom would often call me (no idea where that one comes from, I should ask her) … I…

WHO AM I?!?!

Ok no, I’m kidding, mostly (relax Oriana, you’ve got this!) I’m Oriana, and I’m 20 years old (I know, I know, I’m trying to make time to think here!) I’m generally sociable and mostly extrovert, except when I’m not, I have my shy moments as everyone I presume. I would describe myself as joyful, silly, and always willing to try make people laugh, an unintended clown (for real, I wouldn’t know how to write a joke even if my life were on the line, it’s more of an on-the-moment sort of thing).

The perfect example of that, unintended clown, feel free to laugh, i almost peed when i saw this photo.

i'm always cheerfully smiling (can’t help it), yet, I’m a pessimist by excellence, my life motto is: “if you expect the worse, you get the pleasant surprise of being wrong from time to time” (maybe I could elaborate on a post later down the line), imagine the oracle twins from American Dragon Jake Long mashed up on a single person and you’ve got my personality to a T! I’m an agnostic, I consider myself a person who craves for creative outlets, passionate about music (I sing and play keyboard) and I also happen to enjoy making art. So that’s sort of what you can expect to see me doing on this space, sharing about me, what I like to do (and probably a lot of parenthesis).

I’ll leave them here just I case you didn’t remember them by name.

Although I could keep going, I will let you guys have the pleasure of getting to know me further as I keep posting. Soooo stay around, make yourselves confortable, feel free to ask me anything you want to know, please upvoted, comment and follow, i'll sure do the same; and since I’m a newbie, feel welcome (and obligated) to help me out on how everything works around here.


bienvenida a mundo steemit. amiga me pase a ver si veia alguno de tus obras estare al tanto te sigo y gracias por el apoyo.

Hola, pues si hay un dibujo mío en esta publicación, pero hecho a computadora, estaré publicando más dibujos tanto a mano como computarizados más adelante. Un placer amigo, siempre a favor de apoyar el talento. Saludos.

hello , welcome ! :D

Bienvenida a la comunidad de steemit, Welcome!

Upvote done! Welcome!!!!

Welcome a steemit, follow me

This is your second indroduceyourself; maybe time to evolve and use other tags.

Ahhh soo long! But anyway, Welcome to steemit! :D

welcome to the world of steemit . Wishing you a good luck. do visit my blog follow me if you like

I would like to wish you a warm welcome to the Steemit Community. We look forward to your posts and interacting as we build this community together. A useful tip to help you get some tools on Steemit can be found at https://steemfollower.com/?r=405

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Hello welcome to steemit!
I already follow, upvoted and reestem you, please do the same with me so we can grow together, i´m new too and i will like grow and earn a lot of profits as well...

You seem like a wonderful person to be friends with! Your humor and intelligence will certainly attract you a great following!