Hey steemers,

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It is my turn to introduce myself. I am 31, I am Bulgarian and I like delicious food, travelling and exploring life. Recently I have started to pay more attention on how to improve my lifestyle in a way to live more healthy and to enjoy life. I believe the key is balance in every aspect of life- relations with other people, time for ourselves, travelling, discovering new stuff everyday, learning new things ( I`m currently learning Italian ), reinventing yourself and truly doing what makes you happy...


Steemit is my place to share what I have learned so far, interesting places I have found during my travels, delicious food, pictures I take along my journeys.

I will meet you with my cat- a Persian girl with a male name- Casper , she is my lucky charm :)


So, I hope you enjoy my posts and to inspire you as well to live life at the fullest.
See ya around !


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Greetings, dear lady casper

I did not see your name in the presentation. Is casper ?? Welcome to steemit, here is a good place to exchange knowledge. You will be able to write your articles, read articles from others and you will be slightly remunerated for it. We earn and share knowledge here and still get a little money. It is not good???

How cool you are from Bulgaria. It will be good to read things about the culture of your country. I do not know anything about it. The only thing I remember is Bulgaria's 1994 national team and their striker Hristo Stoichkov, who led the national team to the semi-final, playing a lot of ball. He formed a good pair with Romário in Barcelona.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I suggest you read posts about how steemit works before you start posting, because that way, you can build your strategies here and better understand how it works.

Thank you and good morning!!!!!

ps: your last picture with dessert is beautiful !!!


Hey there, thank you for the warm welcome, I did not expect people here will know Bulgaria, but am pleasantly surprised :) 94' was our golden year in football, but since then things aren't going for the better, I hope our team will improve sooner or later :D

Coming from Bulgaria, Steemit will help out a lot for you! I'm from Greece and living in these countries while earning decent incomes (potential future incomes) is going to be great both for marketing and as another extra source of income. Welcome to the platform!

really cute cat 🐱

Welcome to Steemit platform, from all of us in promo-nigeria. Steemit is a beautiful place to be and we are sure you will be happy here. Get to know more by blogging consistently. Never be discouraged, seek for assistant when necessary. Cheers!

Hey and welcome to our community! If i i would deduct one thing thing from you post.. it would be "reinventing yourself". Life is about evolving and reinventing yourself imo!

Upvote and resteem. Where exactly do you you live in Bulgaria?

Hi and welcome :).

Wounderful photography , welcome to steemit my new friend .

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @ladycasper

Follow my blog @powerupme

That is a fun looking Persian kitty she seems nice, I see you don’t have a Steemit Profile Picture I made a contest post on the bottom it will teach you, then after you make yours feel free to enter the contest to create mine. https://steemit.com/contest/@isteemithard/design-isteemithard-a-profile-picture-avatar-contest-14-winner-of-13

welcome to the steemit world,

the steemit platform changes the game of social media.

welcome to the community of so much love.


Welcome to Steemit @ladycasper, i wish you a great journey in the platform, good luck, ciao

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Hi! It is nice to know you. Welcome to steemit my friend.

aw... you are gorgeous..... warm welcome to the community.... good luck

Very nice to know about yourself best of luck from me

I am also a naturalist who recently got acquainted with this network. I'm proud to be my friend

Welcome to the Steem blockchain.
You had a great start with the upvotes of some of the bigger players here at Steem.
As you can see it can be great but there will also time when a post dies get unnoticed!
Try to build a community around yourself by placing genuine comments on other blogs!
Interacting is the key to have a great time here!
We also had a cat named Casper. The ones we are having now are Ninja (a britisch short hair) and Nero (a black street cat)!
Prepare yourself for an addictive and bumpy ride here!


Thank you very much for the advice, honestly I am still figuring out the network, and I still have no clue... As for the cats, my previous cat was all black too :) I took my Casper from the streets, we saved her life, tbh.. and now I can`t imagine my life without her. British shorthairs are an amazing breed, but any cat is just wonderful as well :)


You will see, that there is a real steep and fast learning curse.
Don't look at the number of your followers, only the genuine ones count. The ones which are willing to interact with you. The ones that do find interesting what you will be writing.

Do fall for the follow-me-follow-you request. Let people self decide if they want to follow you, and just follow the people you are interested in.

I am a little surprised with the big upvotes you got. This will give you a head start.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Maybe you should start with reading about the dust threshold and the voting power. You can find something about the dust threshold on my blog. The voting power could be found on other blogs.

Edit: forgot to mention, that you don't need to do anything for the bot, while I would appreciate it :) But don't feel obliged to do so, I am just glad that you are a member of our community because of who you are, not because of what you could do for us!

hello lady casper , welcome ! glad to read a nice person .

Hello, @ladycasper, and Welcome to Steemit.

Below are a few basic points of advice re posting on Steemit.
1 – Longer posts are more lucrative than short posts. If you make a post of 20–30 paragraphs, it's more likely to earn rewards.
2 – Include some photos, images or graphs, to complement the text.
3 – Make sure the text and photos are formatted properly, so that your post looks attractive and appealing.
4 – Be yourself.
5 – Be interesting and informative.
6 – Create quality content. Steemit is intended to be a platform of quality content. (You will see many insignificant posts with meager content and no quality. Most of those of posts [called “shitposts” by Steemit whale Stellabelle] will earn few rewards and soon pass into oblivion.)
7 – Get online and start curating. Read various posts, comment on those posts you find interesting, and upvote those posts. That’s the best way to attract followers.


thank you very much for the advice, really helpful and will follow it for sure, as I am tired of empty content and empty words :)

Welcome to steemit😁

Welcomr to Steemit! It is always great to check my feed and see posts like these from new Steemians! Nice to meet you!

Welcome to the Steem community👍😎

Welcome Ilina =)

Welcome to steemit community

It was a great photo that I liked so much. It's pretty cool. This cat is pretty much like a cat to me.Do you like cat??????

nice, also no who Yahawh is as well the real
everything we no is a lie
stay ready

A good step to Steemit. This is a great community and I know you will have a great time here.
I've make friends in Steemit, and I'm glad to meet you too.
Please guide your password jealously and do not give it out to anyone or through any link. Any request for your password might be to steal from you so be careful. Value it like you valve gold or diamond

Welcome To Steemit! Your biggest challenge now is how can you grow from a minnow to a dolphin and then to a whale. Fortunately, it’s not as hard as it seems. You already have an amazing start. How did you get so many votes on your intro post?

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How To Write A Good Intro Post

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welcome :) I hope your steemit life go big :)
And Hi from Estonia :)


Hey, Estonia :) You`ve got pretty nice photos on your blog! Thanks for the welcome


You are welcome :)) And Thank you!!
soon I'll try to get more B&W photos here :))

Yes we are enjoy your post happy to see you...

Love your positive attitude! Welcome to Steemit.

good.your post makes me remember back to the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. may i know now where live in bulgaria or italia.

Welcome! You're off to a pretty start! Have a great day.

Cut off the hands of Italians to stop them from talking since they talk with their hands. That was a joke I've heard. I like pasta, spaghetti, Nintendo Mario who is an Italian Japanese plumber. I really love the concept of going after balance in life. Love your photo here, lovely and smart. I love cats.


haha that`s so true about the Italians! I am also a huuugee gigantic pasta lover, so sad that it puts on weight :D :D :D


Haha great. Yummy pasta. Eat it like a Pac-Man. How are you?

like delicious food, traveling, healthy living, exploring new life. truly a beautiful creation of God. beautiful from the physical and the heart. Welcome to steemit. I will always visit every post you.

Hi there, Great post! I enjoyed your content. It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit! Cheers :)

so biutiful...

Welcome to steemit.

let's visit each other's blog @ zuhrafriska

let's visit each other's blog @ zuhrafriska

wow! post the post, my own posts and the friends

Hi @ladycasper! Welcome to this great innovative community! I am wishing you good luck!
I am Bulgarian myself, so glad to see you here!



Ееей, благодаря ти :) Страшен хаос ми е все още :D но пък и ми е мн интересно :)


Това е само началото! Ще ти става все по-интересно. Аз се регистрирах тук през януари, но в самото начало почти нищо не разбрах, щото бях lazy. И чак сега разбирам, че пропилях напразно тези четири месеца.Активен съм от миналата седмица.

Ohhh Bulgaria i miss you.
Although i just visited Plovdiv, Sofia and got into that big space ship you call Buzludja i got a good impression and i wanna back, sadly i'm a bit far. (Ohhh i miss Plovdiv) .
Anyway i hope to share your stories.


Glad that you liked Bulgaria. Yeah Buzludja monument is out of this world, right :D Anyway, Plovdiv is always here and awaits you for a visit anytime ;)


Why if I may ask? @fbslo - To elaborate - if we agree it is not a good sign for a newbie to earn such high amounts with a first post especially when due to a tech issue from a certain app one has to explain that to the person - it is ridiculous if you leave such a comment stand alone - what shall the receiving poster think? Explain it please - Thanks - Sure @noisy and @netuso agree on that.


I'm sure this is not "newbie ", but account owned my hacker. If you get acces to some big accounts you don't vote for some random posts. I'm sure all accounts that get votes because of this SteemConnect and Utopian issue are owned by hacker.


It's a little late I see these comments, but I am not a hacker. I am a newbie indeed, furthermore I did not understand how that happened, anyway, thank you for the kind comments and welcome... I guess it's about content on the surface, but not exactly the same deep down under..

Hi, @ladycasper!
Have you been to Romania 🇷🇴, yet? ... because we are neighbors. :)
Welcome to Steemit! Your start is like a rocket! Well done!


Hey, neighbour :) I am visiting Romania very often- our closest city is Constantsa, its really beautiful. Ive also been to Bucharest and Arad and I like Romania very much :) thanks for the welcome :)

Hello!!! Nice to meet you! Good luck!

Welcome lovely @ladycasper ! I have been on tha Steemit a year and never earned more than maybe $2.00 per post - so you are 100+++ times off to a better start than I (and 1000+++ times prettier of course!) - I am so happy you joined and will share knowledge about beautiful Bulgaria plus adventures of sweet Jasper! I hope to visit your part of the world one day. Thank you for helping to make our community even more...
♥¸.•°”˜˜”°•.✫ B★E★A★U★T★I★F★U★L ✫¸.•°”˜˜”°•.♥
Enjoy / Rock On / STEEM On!

Ciao, amica mia!

Hi and Welcome to Steemit, Great photo's and introduction :-)


Hi bienvendia to steemit, what good to have you in the community, what a beautiful cat you have

You are welcome and what a beautiful addition to the steemit family.

This is a great introduction. I like your outlook on life and the challenges you take on studying a new language. Great! Hope to read your blog as you share with us. By the way welcome to this community.


thank you for the warm welcome!

hermosa presentacion

Hola, me gustaría leer los artículos que escribas para la comunidad de Steemit.

Hi, welcome to the family. I hope that you will enjoy your time here :)

Welcome to Steemit - my wie is from Burgas - am in Varna often. Enjoy it here.


Thanks for the welcome, cheers! :)


Hello beautiful lady you look so gorgeous and definitely confident about yourself. I like your lifestyle. Yes we should enjoy our life like you. Thank you for sharing your lifestyle here.

Welcome to Steemit lady from bulgaria and Casper,
I saw your #introduceyourself and its nice to meet you. You have slot off things that you can blog about. Really interesting topics so start today!
Blogging thats what its all about on this blockchain. The best part is that you could earn money too.💴💸💰
I never blogged before I just write.
But be carefull with all your passwords !! Never give those up !!
For safety tips visit https://steemit.com/steem/@verhp11/safety-first-first-aid-kit-for-steemians-who-are-just-beginning-this-great-journey from Our fellow steemy @verhp11.
The Steemify App I use is great, it is available in the Appstore and free, go cheque it out. I wish you good luck with steeming and I Will See you around🍀
Greetings from Brittandjosie from the Netherlands

Welcome to Steemit and good luck! :)
PS - I have to be honest though, that cat is somewhat ugly. I'm sure he's got a lovely personality and all but there, said it - had to get it off my chest :)


haha thanks anyway, they say " Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" ;)

Welcome, and hello from Chicago! Upvoted and followed! Hope to see more posts from your parts of the world!

Strasdi sista! I'm an American enjoying living your lovely country.

I'm curious did Steemit take weeks to approve your account?

Hi @ladycasper , good luck on steemit ! :) We're just starting the same path :)

Congratulations @ladycasper!
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Nice to meet you.... I'm always here to help you thanks

Welcome to Steem Community the most exciting platform ever @ladycasper!

Tips: Don't forget to share this post on your social page, Google+, Twitter and the rest. It help advertise this platform for more newbies. Bless you.

As a splendid reminder, Kindly ensure to keep your master password safe. The best practise is to use your private posting key to login to Steemit when posting; and the private active key for wallet related transactions.

Remember to always post your best. Don't copy from written article online. Beware of @cheetah because she is ready to catch you, i.e, plagiarism is seriously frown upon here.

Don't forget to use FAQ to understand steemit.com well and to be familiar with terms used on steemit. Terms like Whales, Dolphins, SBD, STEEM, SP, VP, VW etc. Feel free to contact me on steem chat. Thank you.

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To mingle with great Africans. Join the movement on discord now.

I remain @stevenmosoes and ready to see you at the top if you are ready to go to the top.


Welcome to Steemit! It seems like we have quite similar mindset about life in general. It's always so nice to find like-minded people! I'm looking forward to your travel and food posts! :)


Hey,thank you for the welcome. I see you're interested in Nutrition. I also believe that we can heal ourselves through natural nutrition and it's good to find a like-minded friends on this platform. Keep in touch ;)

Nice to meet you.

Welcome to Steemit @ladycasper!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings from @introbot & @bycoleman

Welcome :)

hi nice post

Casper the friendly steemilian new friend! Welcome to the platform! :)

¡Bienvenida!, espero podamos apoyarnos.

Welcome to SteemIt, Lady Casper! Nice introduction. I hope you're happy here. Your photos have an insane resolution! Which camera are you using?


hey, thanks. The pics in this post are taken with iphone 7 or 7 Plus. Sometimes I use Nikon D500, but I am not a pro and all the pics are amateur :) Anyway, thanks for appreciating them.

Hi, greeting to Bulgaria! I spend there my holidays every year! Beautiful country!

("Welcome to the Universe of Steemit")
I call it :("The Valley of the Crypto-Entrepreneurs", Good Luck")

Hi @ladycasper
It's great to meet you here.
I find you are a seductive girl about lifestyle and appearance.
Fullest is the whole life.
Wish you always happy.

Hi ! I really love your cat ! Welcome to Steemit !

welcome Lady :D

Welcome Welcome to the community.Stay active,upvote and resteem to earn and have fun.

Welcome to steemit! Beautiful cat 😻

You and your cat, all you are lovely. Best wish for you.

Welcome to steemit, @ladycasper! and to your cat as well :-) I was lucky enough to discover Bulgaria (Plovdiv and Sofia) last year and can't wait to see what more there are to discover there, maybe with your future posts! Enjoy and good luck!


Thank you, I`m happy you enjoyed Bulgaria. Be sure to try out Varna (my hometown) in the summer. ;)


I'll do my best, asap! :-)