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I'm Kyle Anderson, currently I am a sophomore at Virginia Tech studying nanoscience and microbiology. I am very passionate about the emerging discipline of Synthetic Biology and I am learning everything I can to remain agile in the fast-paced biotech world. 

I'm glad to finally commit to this community and sharing my voice. I am passionate about freedom, the Internet and biology and I hope my insights into these subjects can spark debate and inspire. We are in the beginning of a new era of both technological enablement and censorship where integrity and trust are paramount. Within this turmoil I hope to provide a record of truth and honesty to the community. 

I currently run 2 Bitcoin Unlimited nodes in support of rational  bitcoin federation and bigger stinking blocks (fuck blockstream). I actively mine Ethereum and remain extremely committed and supportive of the project. I mine Monero as well because I believe in complete anonymity in my financial endeavors.  I plan on continually sharing my opinions regarding the cryptocurrency and dapp scene; we are in for a bumpy and exiting next few years. 

My hobbies include computer science, coding, skiing, running and music. Hopefully I can collect posts here about some of my old projects like my high altitude balloon and various other small electronics projects. 

Look forward to sharing my opinions with y'all


verify pic cause i guess that is what people do around here 

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Welcome to Steemit, Kyle.

Welcome on Steemit Kyle!

Welcome @kyle.anderson I'll follow you

welcome aboard!

Welcome! VA tech huh? Our creator of Steemit is fellow alumn that I am sure you are aware of :)


BIIG fan of BitShares and everything Daniel has been putting together.

Welcome to SteemIt.

@kyle.anderson, welcome to steemit. I just watched Virginia tech beat Virginia in a wrestling match. Steem On Friend.


Awesome, I have a friend from nanoscience on the team.
Go Hokies!

Welcome to Steemit! :))

Welcome to Steemit @kyle.anderson.

You voice is valuable to us here on steemit.
Looking forward to your posts.

Hello @kyle.anderson
Welcome to Steemit!

Here is a helpful link if you have any questions:

@kyle.anderson welcome
do you by any chance plan to have a tutorial about mining XMR and other currencies?


I would love to put together a tutorial and give my insights into the mining scene. I have been involved since pre-ASIC BTC days, I'm sure I can be a help to others. Follow for more of my content!


that is the answer I was looking for, waiting on your tutorials then :)

Welcome to steemit @kyle.anderson. Fantastic intro post. Keep this up and you will do well

Hello Kyle, welcome to Steem! :-)

Hello and welcome to Steemit

Welcome to Steemit!! Enjoy your ride :)

welcome to steemit, hoping the best for you

I currently run 2 Bitcoin Unlimited nodes in support of rational bitcoin federation and bigger stinking blocks (fuck blockstream).

Fuck polarization.

Welcome to Steemit, Kyle.

Regarding the bitcoin block size, I encourage you to check out my essay on the topic:


I've personally met and spoken with the blockstream guys on several occasions, and with the notable exception of exactly 1 dodgy hire, I can attest that the founding team is great and this whole "subverting bitcoin" narrative is false. It's roughly analogous to the whole "big pharma profits from keeping you sick!" nonsense—internet forums full of people projecting greed and selfishness onto people they've never met.


Well I like having my choice, I do not agree with SegWit or the direction that the Core devs are leading us. That is why I choose to support Bitcoin Unlimited.
Let's stop calling them hard forks and calling them what they should have been termed from the start: a full node referendum.

Nice introduction . Followed!