Hey! Ladies and gentlemen, Steemit inhabitants. I'm Kevin. A graphic designer/would be front-end dev.

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whoami ?


My name is Kevin Desloges, I'm 30 yo "Still looking like I'm just turned 29½. That's the poutine magic". I'm Currently living in Quebec, Canada. (yep, those French-Canadian). Which mean my first language is French and that I swear a lot. That being said. I'm a long time crypto-enthusiast. I just really love the dynamic in the community, I enjoy taking new challenges. And, of course, earning through it when there's a possibility. I don't have any big plans yet on the platform but I keep learning while looking for an opportunity that matches my skill set. For now on, I've discovered Utopian-io and I've contributed to awesome projects. Hopes it has helped y'all to know me a little better.

have a look at my portfolio here http://kvds.design

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Hi welcome to Steemit community good luck


Thanks mate.

Hi @kvds and Welcome to steemit if you need any help etc. I'm available on:

Steemit: @ernoldlvb



Hey, thank you.

Hi! Welcome to the community!

Good photo, funny cat, welcome, I'm 33. Thanks for sharing, hehe. I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold. You can call me.