"Your network, is your net worth" : I'm Krisite

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Why do golfers always carry around an extra sock?

.....in case they get a hole-in-one

Welcome, if you get nothing from this post, at least you got that sick joke.

My name is Kristie, I'm a 24 year old college student in Long Beach California. I study history and politics. I'm fascinated by what makes the world we live in   

I do well in school, I support myself, I live with my beautiful partner, I'm not in student debt,

I had started to think I was pretty clever...... 

that is... until I found cryptocurrencies. I've become obsessed .

 I'm motivated to get into this fantastically interesting world, but shit there is so much to learn. 

I'm hoping to learn how to mine script because I live in an apartment and I think I could realistically do that without the fans and noise and crazy electricity costs. 

I'm also interested in buying and selling steem. 

I'm here with a really open mind, and a really open heart. Hopefully I can grab some advice along the way. 

Let's network, we've all got something to offer. 

If your not into script...... maybe we can chat about my second hobby.....German beir!

Thanks for reading !


Hi @krisy and welcome to Steemit!!! :)

It's very beautiful pictures dear @krisy!!
I follow you now :D

Welcome to Steemit Krisy...upvoted and following u..happy new year!

Welcome to steemit @kristy, I am sure you will find a lot of posters around here who like talking about history, politics and beer. In fact there is a poster @beers who posts a whole series about German beers.

Welcome @krisy, looking forward to more posts from you, followed already :)

Hi Kristie, thanks for commenting on my post. As you said, we both study history and politics, so let's chat :) In politics I mainly do Int'l Relations and Int'l Political Economy, and in history I haven't focused onto anything, just taking whatever course strikes my fancy. Anyway I'm really interested in both economic history and the cultural, societal stuff. How about you?

amazing! so is your major in politics and minor in history?
I'm actually exactly the opposite, I'm majoring in history with a minor in politics but that could change.
Basically what I'm interested in is the connection between the united states and the middle east as a whole following the second world war.
I think America has played a heavy hand in destabilizing the region,
but when I look around at my country we also wash our hands of any responsibility??
I hope that my generation of politicians and educators can make a significant contribution to repairing that relationship

The current era in the middle east seems to be defined by the power struggle between US and Russia (and China seems to want to join in the mess with its one belt one road initiative), and between regional powers Saudi Arabia and Iran. That's one of the important dimensions of the Syrian conflict. It's not looking good for repairing US-middle-east relations. The young Arabs and other Middle-Easterners I've met, 99% of them hate the US government to the core (of course it does not follow that they hate Americans).

It's scary right?
like fuck, I am judged by what Bush did just by association.
and Obama for that matter
But also, I cant help but think that greater diplomacy could help

Dun wry. Lots of Arabs can separate Americans with American gov't. Hell, if someone associated me with the HK gov't or Chinese gov't --- that IS a v scary thought. I agree though, diplomacy could help, probably greater cultural exchange too. R u thinking of a career in diplomacy?

Both are majors, it's possible to do a double major. technically history is my "first major" according to the university bureaucracy, but that only matters on paper

I did a couple of courses on the middle east too. If you ask me, Britain and France, the former colonial owners, couldn't wash their hands of responsibility either. The way they drew the borders with no regard for ethnic and geographic realities on the ground is a root cause of many territorial conflicts in the middle east today, the whole vision of ISIS is also built on wiping away the colonial legacy. So it's not only the US that is guilty.

oh definitely, especially France in Syria right? dividing people by religious affiliation.
Yeah I don't blame America for everything, but this is where I live, so this is where I gotta start right?

Britain did something like that in Lebanon as well, which led to the Lebanese Civil War. Not sure about historical background in Syria. True, that's where u gotta start, add oil! :D

Welcome to Steemit! :))

Welcome, gave you an upvote & a resteem. Enjoy the platform!

Welcome to steemit, also, there is a glitch when using 5 tags right now... just use four for a while until you hear otherwise. Right now your post only appears in the first tag.

Just here to help, Papa cares!

Hi Krisy, welcome to Steemit !

Welcome Kristie! Kegs! I have around the same amount in my gym although most are empty and were once Australia beers. Have a great day and I look forward to reading your experiences.