Hello, everyone!


@triddin recommended that I sign up to share my gastronomic adventures. Since we're both doing Keto, all the others on LCHF style diets should benefit from my improvisation.

Coming as soon as I have pix: Berry Nice Lo-carb Cheesecake

Or, at least, that's the plan. Sometimes, it becomes a PLN and, like the Nac Mac Feegle, tends to miss out on a few vital details.

Pictured behind my not-so-picturesque self, above, is just some of our literary favourites. And the scrattle that tends to accumulate when there's an artsy hoarder in the house.

I'm officially over the hill, so you won't be getting many pictures of me unless they're really fantastic. Obligatory sensitivity about my appearance because I spent my entire life being told that it was all that mattered. Sigh.

Yeah, I'm cynical about how the world works. That'll come out the instant something political comes up. And I'm all about things being fair, so pissed-off tends to be my default state of mind. Be warned.

I want my avatar to be my best toon on WoW, which I haven't been able to play for ages. Or afford to play. Any hints? I'd really hate to pay a month for one firkin photo. That would be major league annoying.

I do arts... intermittently. I improvise delicious recipes, at least according to Hubby, do costuming whenever, jewellery likewise, and doodling in absent-minded moments when I'm not writing NSFW fanficcery. And no, I'm not sharing. My kink is wholesome relationships and loads of foreplay. That doesn't mix well with folks who remember +Fifty Shady Moves. Er. I mean, Sexy Domestic Abuse. Um. No. That's not right. Fifty Shades of Grey. I think.

I've written better sex scenes whilst high on cough medicine. Strictly IMO. As I said, I'm not sharing.

And since I spend lots of time wiki-walking through TV Tropes so I'm cynical as hell about modern media. I'm an inclusive feminist [If you say that trans ladies aren't ladies, you will have a fight on your hands], pan-theist [if your faith isn't hurting anyone else, then go for it], and occasional Social Justice Warrior. Oh, and I'm a hippie at heart. Just... not with the drug indulgences.

And since Hubby and I have identical haircuts and identical dye jobs, you can guess I'm a non-standard human. I mean, the aliens haven't come to take me home, so I have to be human, right? Right? Yeah, I have my doubts myself.

And thanks to this blog, you'll probably be hearing about the brats, K(15) and T(11). They're a handful, on the spectrum, and the leading cause of my grey hairs.

I have some other stuff to finagle, so stay tuned for cheesecake.


Hi welcome to the Steemit platform!

welcome to steemit follow me ill follow back!!! steem on

Welcome to Steemit! :))

Hi @krazdang and welcome to Steemit :)

Welcome to steemit @krazdang. Nice intro post

Welcome @krazdang , nice blog following you from now , i won't miss that cheescake :D
wish you the best

Welcome to Steemit!!!

Welcome to Steemit! :)

Cool post! Welcome aboard, @krazdang!

Welcome to steemit, babe! <3

Thank you <3

My first jaunt around the "new" section was... alarming. The Annoying Orange put a vaccine skeptic in charge of discovering the 'Truth' about vaccines. He couldn't have done worse if he appointed Andrew "I don't need data" Wakefield.

There's lots of other Pro-Orange stuff around too. Just... why?

@krazdang, I hope you start sharing more of your LCHF experiences on @Steemit. Great intro post!