EMERGENCY!!! My Aunty Also A Fellow Steemian Need Ur Help. She Is Down And Just Undergone Surgery. Needs To Clear Off Her Bills. Thanks For Your Support

in introduceyourself •  11 months ago

Hello Steemit community, i have posted in days now due to my aunty @lolajanet unfitness. She has been admitted at the Federal Medical Center, idi-aba Abeokuta for days.


She was operated because she had issue of Ectopic pregnancy. We bless God it was successful but right now, the doctor said she can be discharged because she has spent some days in the hospital after the surgery. But right now, the issue on ground is to clear her bills.

About 60-65 SBD is needed to pay all these bills. Though, some bills has been cleared already but some still left unpaid which is that amout above when converted to liquid payout.

Therefore Steemit community, i @kodsy here by plead for alms from whales, dolphins and minnows in this community on her @lolajanet behalf. Please help my aunty go home again using the power of steem blockchain.

All your donations, SBD, Resteem of this post to help my aunty @lolajanet would be appreciated.

Thank you all and love you all!

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