Hi, Steemers! My name is Igor Knyaz and I’ll be 35 in two weeks.

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I’d like to introduce myself and tell you about my life.

I want to become your friend on Steemit and share different interesting information with you.

I have a wife Inna and two charming daughters 11 (Nika) and 8 (Liza) years old. My little princesses.

I consider myself to be a happy man.

My wife has already written a post about herself and our family. Here is a link: Ukraine is very glad to join the steemers

As most of you, I finished school and than graduated from the university (qualified as an engineer of welding production, master degree).

After that I didn’t work in my field. Such is life.

I began to work as a shop assistant at the household appliances store.

In one and a half year I was a major shop assistant, in another year – a deputy director of the biggest household appliances hypermarket in Ukraine.

And in eight months I became a director of a new store.

I worked from 7am to 10pm (including time for my way home).

Looking back into the past I wonder where I took so much energy to keep to such work schedule.

But I had to work hard, as I’ve bought an apartment on credit.

It was in 2006, and in Ukraine such credits were given at enormous 12% interest per annum for 21 years.

Those were hard times. My wife was on maternity leave with our first child, and in two years she gave birth to our younger daughter.

But thanks to our parents we could repay the credit in only 6 years.

After that I’ve changed my place of work and I became a director of a stationer’s shop with a lower salary but better work schedule (from 8.30am to 6.30pm).

Later, I’ve made another changes in my work.

And now I work in the head office of the company at the purchase department and provide 10 stationer’s shops with goods.

Now I want to tell you a little about spending my spare time.

I enjoy playing football with my colleagues.

There are several football teams in different subdivisions of our company and the games between them are played twice a year.

Also I like ping-pong, chess and billiards.

I often play computer games in the evening after workday.

I’ve been playing in “World of tanks” for a long time.

Besides, I listen to audiobooks, I like the LitRPG genre about the virtual reality, warriors, dragons, wizards, shamans, elves, orcs etc.

Sometimes I go fishing with my friends.

I also go for a walk with my children on weekend.

Lately, I mine different cryptocurrency on my computer:

- Ethereum – on the video card,

- Bytecoin (do not confuse with Bitcoin) – on the processor (here is the link about it: Cryptonight algorithm and how to mine cryptocurrency monero, bytecoin etc),

- Brust – on the hard disk.

Soon we’re going on vacation with the whole family to the sea for two weeks.


Last time we were at sea 6 years ago. We were not able to travel due to financial problems and the situation in our country is now complicated by war.

But let’s hope for the best!

We’re going to write a post upon our return from vacation.

Thank you for your attention. Good luck and have a nice day!

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Welcome here !

Sadly your image doesn't work =/


Thank you. I'm trying to fix it.

Such Beautiful! Deserve Much Warm Welcome!


Thank you so much, I'm so happy you like it)

Enjoy your holiday, Igor !


Thank you very much.Great summer time to you too.

Welcome! steemer!
Nice to meet you:))


Thank you very much. Glad to be here!

Welcome Igor! You are a very talented person. I love that you like fishing as do I. I would love to deep sea fish sometime, but I don't know if I could handle the waves haha. I'm glad to see you get to enjoy some good quality time with family.


Thank you so much))) The fact that you like it, is important for me:) Good luck in fishing and in Steemit.

Great introduction, keep going!

Just check out your introducing. Thank you to post in my profile. I wish you a good holidays vacations.


Thank you for your response:) Good luck in Steemit.

Welcome onboard Igor! Thanks for the thorough introduction. Hope you enjoy your stay here on Steemit. The cryptocrowd here is pretty awesome :)


Thank you for your support and your response:) Good luck in Steemit!

Welcome! I love Traditional Ukrainian Music.


Thank you.

I'm so happy it seems you hard work is now starting to pay off for you! I hope you and your family enjoy that well deserved vacation!
Don't forget to post some pics for us!


Thank you so much for your support and your response. I'll write a post with pictures from our vacation.

Great introduction! Upvoted. Here you can visit my new article with impressions of nature places in the big city berlin too: https://steemit.com/photography/@future24/berlin-city-impressions-and-photography-4-aboutme?r=future24 Thanks for your visit and upvotes, of course I will follow and upvote back everyone!


Thank you very much

Glad to have your wife and you in the community. Welcome. You have a beautiful family. Have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY when you get there. I turned 35 last year, it's the best age that I have ever been, just stay active!!!


Thank you for your response:) I'm very very glad you like it!!! We are happy to be in the community. Good luck in Steemit.