please read my post dear @khunpoom

please help me @rashidminhas stolen my details and use it on steemit i want your help for removing fake account please please help me check here my details

I've passed on the message to the higher ups..! Not my field of expertise but have done what I can to help you.

How did they get access to your keys..?

PS nvm... Is identity theft. sorry.

he stolen my details from my Facebook and Instagram account
and thanks for your spot love you friend

Oh my, this is getting ridiculous!

If he fools you once, he's an asshole!

If he fools you twice, though, than that makes you the idiot...

kind of makes you wonder what might have happened in between 9 and 10 days ago to turn a young boy graphic designer into an old guy mind-reader...

oh yeah that's right, this was posted!