Nameless, WhiteList best BidBot. Upvotes & mild Flags. particular Delegator Rewards. 20K SP and Counting

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Meet @Bid.Bot, the all-in-one moral Steem bot for upvotes, mild downvotes, and stake monetization. This Bid Bot, run with the aid of a group of experts and seasoned Steem investors with the communal hobby of all the customers and stakeholders in thoughts, offers precise capabilities.

computerized whitelisting (over 20K members by way of depended on curation projects and counting) + blacklisting
Incentivized slight flagging through credit technology.
complete anonymity and privateness safety against flag revenge. Encrypted memos best.
ninety five% stocks for delegators + 10% each day credits

Intelligently Curated Whitelist & Blacklists

No system or bot on the blockchain can efficiently understand content of exceptional this is worthy of promotion. that is why we have to depend upon the efforts of human curation initiatives to make certain only real excellent content creators are authorized to use the services provided with the aid of @Bid.Bot.

Bidding on upvotes and downvotes with @Bid.Bot is constrained strictly to customers with a Steem popularity identical to or better than 65 (can be expanded over the years based on customers behaviours), and/OR users formerly upvoted via any of trusted curation tasks listed below.

extra specifically you ought to have acquired at least an upvote from any of the subsequent curation tasks, in no way a downvote or an unvote. If an unvote changed into casted you could still be whitelisted if a consequent upvote turned into casted.

reward Pool protection - the first Incentivized Flagging Bot

Steem bidbots and vote casting offerings are disliked by way of many and now not without motive. no person enjoys seeing the trending page full of low-great posts promoted for economic gain alone, and the rampant abuse of promotional services by way of the greedy driving promising content material creators faraway from the blockchain.

numerous attempts to balance the reward pool distribution to combat the abuse had been made, however few had any effect. @Bid.Bot is the first to offer anonymity to all its customers and incentivizes the slight flagging of overvalued posts.
a hundred% Anonymity towards Flag Revenge

because of the specific features supplied by @Bid.Bot, and in attempt to combat rampant abuse of curation reward distribution (through pre-running trails that test bidbot pockets activities), bids sent to the @Bid.Bot are handiest well-known within the form of encrypted memos.

Encrypting your memo before sending upvote or downvote bids to the @Bid.Bot is easy, and instructions may be discovered in this guide.

while your username continues to be visible in the transfer, it is clearly not possible to become aware of the goal of the flag, correctly defensive you from a flag revenge. Unencrypted memos can be rejected and despatched returned for your wallet.

example of encrypted bid memo for flagging:


Why flag?

Downvotes (flags) have a completely terrible reputation at the blockchain and are frequently seen as an offensive and personal assault. This popularity stems normally from the manner downvotes are built into the Steemit frontend. most often used to downvote unsolicited mail and similar unwanted content material, downvotes have every other very giant function at the blockchain that remains widely unused: balancing the distribution of the reward pool via downvoting hyped up content material.

until today, Steem minnows had no manner to influence the reward pool thru downvotes. with out sufficient SP and with the concern of retaliation, all they may do is experience annoyed on the current nation of reward distribution. @Bid.Bot is here to alternate that.
slight Flagging & @Bid.Bot credits

“Bidding on flags? as a way to fee me STEEM / SBD, so why do it?”

@Bid.Bot reserves the liquid SBD/STEEM used to bid on a downvote within the shape of “ credits”, saved via memos to your Steem pockets.

those credit can be used to bid on upvotes for excellent posts.

it's far critical to be aware that flags have decrease most cap as compared to upvotes. A bid for an upvote may be in overall (summing all the bids for the post) maximum 150 STEEM / SBD, even as a bid for a downvote maximum 25 STEEM / SBD. Such difference is carried out to prevent abuses of the flagging system and incentivise moderate flagging most effective, further to the recognition/whitelist + blacklists requirements.

example of accumulated credit on your wallet via unencrypted memo (for transparency):

credit balance STEEM: 15.000 SBD: 25.000

example of encrypted bid memo the use of accumulated Bid.Bot credit:

from-credit five.000 STEEM


from-credits five.000 SBD

Moderating overestimated Posts

As mentioned above, @Bid.Bot is one of the handiest upvote purchasing services to be had to require the encryption of memos. this indicates all of us can check the wallets of most bidding bots and mechanically identify the posts approximately to acquire a large upvote. by way of vote casting beforehand of the bidbots, runners of such scripts are successfully abusing the curation reward distribution system. @Bid.Bot helps you to do the other. using the same information available within the wallets of most bots, you may mitigate crazy payouts via sending your flags thru @Bid.Bot.

similarly, @Bid.Bot has a balancing gadget in area. If a submit receives each a downvote and upvote bid for the equal publish through @Bid.Bot, the suitable sum for upvoting or downvoting the publish is calculated automatically in keeping with the bids made.

keep in mind that while you can't decipher the information in memos despatched to @Bid.Bot, you can nevertheless see what posts were submitted to other bidding services at the blockchain and react towards puffed up contents.
Up & jogging

We, the crew of professionals behind @Bid.Bot, have complete religion in this venture, and feature powered up and delegated an preliminary sum of over 20,000 STEEM (bought specifically for this assignment) to @Bid.Bot with a view to make it immediately to be had to users.

you could begin sending your bids immediately to use this STEEM electricity to upvote and downvote posts on the blockchain. find out how on this guide.
assist & Earn via Delegating

helping the @Bid.Bot isn't only supporting guard the reward pool, but is likewise an appealing opportunity to achieve this whilst monetizing your stake on the blockchain.

similarly to ninety five% of stocks paid out to delegators in liquid STEEM/SBD, you'll be able to accumulate credits reserved if you want to use in bidding on upvotes.
Earn shares + Bid.Bot credit!

For every switch of liquid rewards for your Steem account (in line with your delegation fee), a further 10% might be generated and reserved for you inside the form of credits. this will assist you to retain the usage of some of your delegated SP as though it is nonetheless managed through you to upvote fine content you deem worth.
Delegate Now thru Steem join

replica/paste the subsequent link, exchange the variables as specified under, and paste into your browser URL:

Set the sum of SP you would like to delegate.

update youraccount along with your username.

replace a thousand with the amount you want to delegate.

you may start receiving day by day percentage payouts as of that moment on.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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