(Vlog) Hello Steemit! Thought I'd introduce myself in video form




Hello steemit! I'm totally fresh to both vlogging AND steemit. Still learning a lot but that's the fun part. In the video I talk about the following subjects:

  • Who I am
  • How I got turned on to steemit
  • My first impressions
  • Why steemit is a proof of concept of (hopefully) great things to come
  • Viewly (sorry I forgot the name of this as I was filming!)
  • Potential problems with steemit (from my rudimentary understanding)

Side notes... wow I fidget a lot lol. Also, quite tedious cutting out the pauses like vloggers do... I did it for the first minute or so and got tired of it. Hope you enjoy it regardless!


Welcome to steem nation

Hey @kevinflo,
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Welcome to Steem!!

G'day @kevinflo! Welcome to the platform :]

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Welcome to steemit :)
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Welcome to Steemit kevinflo.

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Thank you


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