Hi friends, JZN here... An Author. Nice to meet you!

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What better way to start a party than to say a big ‘Hello’. Much love and cheers from India! I’ll keep my introduction short and sweet, so that you get to know more of me in a lesser time.

I’m a software engineer by profession, and an author by choice. Yep, that’s me in the picture below with my book, a romantic suspense novel.


I absolutely love travelling, mainly because it gives the chance to meet new people, experience different cultures and taste exotic food. Yes, I'm certainly a foodie, but eating something crazy is on my list of to-do things. I’m not very good at taking photos though, and am still willing to learn if anyone volunteers to teach me.

Through this medium, I would like to share my views on various topics like Writing, Travel, Books, Life, Love. And of course, more about me as well. But I would also love to do something on a humanitarian level as this medium provides a tremendous platform to help the underprivileged and needy people of my country.

I’ve already started a ‘Quote Shots’ and ‘WTF Friday’ series. Would love to hear your suggestions, and I'm looking forward to explore all the interesting content the amazing people of Steemit have to offer.

My eyes are always open to read, my hands ready to respond and my heart willing to follow. Cheers, friends! Let's break free.


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Hello, looking forward to hearing more from you! I will follow you.


Hello, nice to meet you too! Will you be posting some of your work on this platform?

welcome! keep going


thank you @ilonalt . I sure will :)

Welcome to Steemit !


Thank you @mallorca ! Rafael Nadal is my favorite tennis player, and he's from Mallorca - so'ill certainly follow you :)

Welcome friend.

Hi Jason! @jznsamuel. Look forward to reading more from your post.

Hello and Welcome to Steemit :)


Hello @karenb54 and thanks for the welcome. Hope you have the amazing weekend you deserve. Cheers!

Welcome aboard! Follow me at https://steemit.com/@bitgeek


Thanks @bitgeek . Followed :)

Welcome! Happy steeming! Followed you :)


Thanks @itinerantph , followed you back :)

Welcome onboard @jznsamuel , feel free to post any of your interesting here , people will help you ;-)
Enjoy your stay ;-))


thank you @fernwehninja , yes I've already witnessed the amazing love of this community :)

Welcome to Steemit new friend!
It's a great place ;)


thank you my steemit friend @acromott ! yes, it indeed is.

Welcome to Steemit, @jznsamuel. You're going to enjoy it :) I'll follow you. Feel free to follow me if you want. Steem on :)


thank you @dimitrya123 , i surely am enjoying it ! Followed you back :)


thank you @jeanelleybee . followed you :)

Welcome new friend. You have my support.

Work hard and prosper :)


thanks a ton @samstonehill . followed you for regular updates of your awesomeness :)

Welcome to Steemit @jznsamuel.
Followed and looking forward to reading your next post.


Thank you @cryptodan . Followed you :)

Welcome to the Steemit community @jznsamuel! Your an author....that's amazing! I'm looking forward to reading your posts! #newfollower


thanks @king.steele , followed back ! cheers...

Welcome, keep it up!

very well said... Welcome to steemit my friend..Upvoted and followed you

welcome to steemit.... i wish you all the best


thank you @gbenga ! your wishes are appreciated :)

I’ve already started a ‘Quote Shots’ and ‘WTF Friday’ series

Wonderful.. Steem on brother


Thanks brother @iamsgr !

So pleased to meet you! Followed and resteemed :)


Thank you so much. And I'm already following you, for the next round of cake @inphiknit :)


Yw! And sounds good!

Welcome on steemit :-)

Welcome to our community! Looking forward to read more from you 💕


Thank you for the warm welcome @mammasitta

Welcome to Steemit my friend. Following you. Regards from Madrid :-)

Welcome! What's your favorite genre to write?


thank you @dbzfan4awhile . it would be romance / suspense !

Welcome aboard Jason!

Welcome to Steemit Jason-the-Romantic-Suspense-Novelist!

You've just set the expectation bar way up high my friend, as a published writer i expect great things from you. Lol.

Enjoy your journey here, looking forward to seeing you around =^_^=


thanks for the warm welcome @dreamiely , let me figure out steemit first, then we will debate about the content :) looking forward to your wonderful stories as well.

Welcome to Steemit Jason! Congratulations on the new book. All the best!