Hey steemers

It is my turn to introduce myself. I am 25 I am italo/braziliano and I like travelling and exploring life. Recently I have started to pay more attention on how to improve my lifestyle in a way to live more healthy and to enjoy life.

I believe the key is balance in every aspect of life- relations with other people, time for ourselves, travelling, discovering new stuff everyday, learning new things ( I`m currently learning inglish )

reinventing yourself and truly doing what makes you happy.So, I hope you enjoy my posts and to inspire you as well to live life at the fullest.
See ya around !


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Welcome to the Steemit Community. Enjoy your stay :) Here is an Upvote.

great introduction. welcome to steemit!

nice post! welcome to the community!

Hi @juniorfrederico, I'm Aly. I'd shit my pants if I dangled my leg off the cliff like you did, HAHA. You sound fun, looking forward to your posts :)

Hey man, where did you take those photos. Thw place?

ireland in the cliffe of moher

...and good to know. I haven't been in Ireland yet.

(@juniorfrederico)Welcome to the steemit platform I wish you good luck . i am @mistersteem

giphy (3).gif

Romantic photos.

Bem vindo ao Steemit! Mando um salve aqui de São Paulo/SP. Sucesso e boa sorte mais uma vez!!

valeu , obrigado , fica na paz.

Welcome!!! Seria legal vc fazer uma introdução em #pt, assim a comunidade brasileira te apóia. Temos um grupo bem legal no Telegram. Dá um oi pra galera lá, temos uns projetos que vc vai gostar :) https://t.me/steemitbrasil