Julia Mateo - 14 year old spanish girl

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Well, this is me... I've been some days hearing about steemit and I think it is just an incredible social network.
I'm a normal teenager and I don't know if people are gonna get interested in my life but I'm just gonna try.
I haven't seen a lot of teenager's posts so I will do a video in my spanish youtube channel because I think they will LOVE this new community.
This is one of my covers, normally I do funny videos and sometimes I do covers:)
I hope you like it


Verified on youtube! :)

Hi Julia and welcome! I am at work , and i should be working , but i am watching your videos instead lol ! Keep up the good work, u are hilarious even though i dont understand half of what u are saying.

HAHAHA thaank you soo much!:):)

Welcome Julia, glad to have you here! Enjoy your stay!

Thank you!:))

Ya vote todo tu contenido. Esperando proximos post un habrazo grande desde bcn.

Does the real juliamateo know you did this?
How about hopping over in the youtube channel the video came from and saying Hello Steem please.

That´s me on the video and on the picture. I just took a picture 30 min ago as you can see

Bienvenida a Steemit, Julia. Veía un poco de tu canal, y sí parece que Steemit va a ser una gran oportunidad para tí, dado que ya tienes muchos seguidores, y también la gente es muy amable aquí. Bienvenida y que tengas buen día!

Ey, the best youtuber in the planet is now an steemite! I think it does very good to have music & fun in the "blockchain", since its becoming to serious lately around here.
What you can do to get your almost 4000 followers into steemit, is to publish first the video as unlisted in youtube (can only be viewed if you have the link) and post the link as a new article on your steemit blog. Even better if you add some description to it (and not just the video). After 24 hours you can make it public in youtube to let also the youtube community see it.
Great first post and welcome. I can not wait to see the next one here!

hola saludos desde mexico soy nuevo aqui espero tengas exito

Welcome my beloved niece :-) i hope u have fun sharing ur art and ur talent !!

Ahh! Nepotism! Sorry now it makes more sense.

Отлично поёшь. Мои аплодисменты!

Большое спасибо! :)

Caray saves hasta ruso.... Eres unica.