I'm David Schwartz, known as JoelKatz, Chief Cryptographer at Ripple

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David Schwarrtz

I'm David Schwartz, known as JoelKatz on many forums. I'm the Chief Cryptographer at Ripple (formerly Ripple Labs) and one of the original architects of what is now called the Ripple Consensus Ledger (RCL).


My identity can be verified by my well-known Bitcoin address:

That can be confirmed to be mine here:

It also appears in the about page on my blog:

Which you can confirm is my blog here:

I have signed this message:
The signature is:

You can verify the signature with the following bitcoin-cli command (or some other tool):

bitcoin-cli verifymessage \
"1Joe1Katzci1rFcsr9HH7SLuHVnDy2aihZ" \
"HBGKKXVdpkaQu46gu6ZGeMgOHyJLEinAV2JdicAmTRawC1OcimvG3P+40xvBh82M7bnF//HgdKZyj8SEGKAQszw=" \
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Welcome David, glad you could join the party!

Welcome to Steemit, Joel!
Thanks for the verification, I've been following Ripple for a long time and am glad its a big part of the block-chain ecosystem and helping banks realize its potential!

Welcome to Steemit, nice to see you around here!

hy @joelkatz , how are you

Nice to have you here. What kind of ways do you think Ripple being able to work with Steem?


I'm pretty new to Steem and don't really know all that much about it yet.

Greta to see that people behind Ripple are connecting to Steemit.


Steem is gona Rippled you off. ;)

welcome to steemit world