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A few years ago I read that Facebook was the social network for connecting with your old school friends, family & new people you meet along the way. And that Twitter was the place to meet people that you don't already know, but would like to be friends with. I never had that experience on Twitter.

Anyway, I hope SteemIt is a place where I meet positive people who have shared interests in music, philosophy, curiosity about the world, and an open mind for learning new stuff.

I intend to share the funky music from around the world that I curate at my blog, So if you dig Funk, Jazz, Reggae, Afrobeat, Latin Music, and an exciting mix of all that — I think you'll enjoy my posts.

I also want to share what I learn on various subjects. I'm always finding fascinating stuff about personal development, location independent business building, travel, history, culture, philosophy, language learning, and health & wellness. So I will post the best things I find, and hope lots of people out there get value from it too.

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Welcome to the platform, Nice to meet you as well.
I wish you the best! Hope you gonna have fun with our community and see you soon.

welcome joegatto! Glad to see your here

Hello @joegatto, I hope you are enjoying Steemit!

This is a great place with a great community -- glad to have you around!
follow @gauravgpt60 for future steemit instructions to get much better results.