Hello Steemians!

My name is Jillian and I am new here! I am a musician in Colorado and I started making a youtube series called Fake Making It about piecing together a life as a musician, audition anxiety, putting together shows and recitals, etc. I make weekly episodes.

My little show currently lives on Youtube, but I'm pretty disenchanted about the culture over there lately. Thinking about moving over to dTube but would love any input/opinions about that.

You can also find me being a doofus on instagram, if you're into that kind of thing, at @jillianfrancessings



Definitely a good idea to move to @dtube :)

I'm currently trying to upload now, and it's taking forever. Is this common or is there something I'm missing?

Love d tube! I'm a producer/musician out of Colorado as well! I'll check your music out :)

Awesome. I'm doing a lot of classical/musical theatre lately but i write sometimes too. :)

hi friend! You have my vote, I hope to see more content here, I am new too.

Me too! I'm looking for ways to create and consume original content in ways other than Youtube. I'm really kind of over the newest policy changes they've made.

Welcome to the Steemit blockchain! Hope you enjoy your stay here, the community is super friendly :)

It looks like it, so far!

Welcome to steemit!!
glad to have you here stay stunned...
You can follow my blog @hrishikeshmatre

Hey @jillianfrances, great to have you here on steemit!

I am 100% with you on nixxing the other place. Did you see that horrendous joke of an email they sent out to their "Partners" last week?

I used to contribute to that network, but found it to be quite rotten from the inside, especially when I realized what their End User License Agreement is actually about...

Would love to see your music on d.tube and d.sound. Everything is beta now, but it has undergone excellent improvements since I joined in September. Also, @viewly is about to launch officially, as well and their platform looks promising! (You can see more on their website than on their steemit page https://view.ly/)

I tried to set up dTube today and it wouldn't let me log into it! :( i'm pretty new to this whole thing so maybe I missed something.

You will need to login with your steemit credentials. The passwords are in your wallet, under permissions.

Feel free to pop on over to the RMS discord group http://discord.gg/RUet9k7 if you feel like it, especially if you need help or have any questions. There are several of us from the area and we get together pretty often, too.

Nice! yeah, i saw you were local to me. I'll be checking all this out tomorrow and I would definitely try and get to a meet up sometime!

Very cool! And feel free to reach out directly, as well. My discord handle is @intuitivejakob#7088

Welcome to the world of Steemit.
Keep steemiting.
You can also check out my blog.


Welcome to Steemit, @jillianfrances! I'm sure you'll be very successful on here and DTube :) Enjoy and looking forward to discovering your future posts!

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