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Hi, My Name's Michael.

Creative Graphic Designer with over 5 years experience in Logo Designing, Branding, Animations and 3d designs.

Committed to producing visually appealing, clean, professional graphics that set my clients apart from the competition.
I will be making and posting video tutorials on challenging projects, graphics and animations that would help you learn as a graphics design, or generally creative person.

If you value elegance, compelling graphic works, quickly delivery, then you would love to learn from me and maybe want to request gigs from me.

Here are a couple of works i've done recently...

Post this first.jpg

Collection of Designs.jpg

Introduced by @joecxt


That's a really cool shot of yourself man :) Welcome! Check out @czechglobalhosts, he offers an awesome picture challenge on a daily basis!

Thanks So Much @welcoming.. Really Appreciate!

Welcome to Steemit!

Awesome job, welcome to steemit @jiga-bank see you around and have fun! =)

My experience has been great so far. Hope you enjoy being here.

Hello and welcome. Good luck with your job and enjoy your stay here!

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