Introducing Myself to the Steemit community

Hi everyone my is Ogbodo Jacinta from Enugu state Nigeria. Studied Applied Biology at Ebonyi state university. I was introduced to steemit by @theheralds.
My hobbies are cooking, sleeping, adventure and reading novels, in fact when am not busy I sleep and I don’t joke with it.
I am currently in Bakery and catering service because of my love for cooking (food), trying out new recipe is one thing I do as a routine, I love the sight of good and clean kitchen, food business runs in my family, my mum used to own a restaurant, my eldest being a caterer and no surprise to me being a caterer but with a bakery twist, I have tried so many things on my own which I would share with this great community as time goes on. My friend, I’ll be giving you tips on how “okra soup, bitter-leaf soup, ugu-leaf soup” and other local and continental dishes are being prepared. I would want you to try them out if you have not done so before and you’ll be amazed how simple, easy and delicious these dishes are.

The beginning is not always rosy and straight forward, but you just have to keep trying to improve. I could remember the first cake I baked, it was very strong and was not properly creamed, u can imagine the look and taste. However, as time goes on, my experience started taking a toll on every single cake I baked and they became better and tastier.

I joined Steemit to have more knowledge and make bunch of friend and most importantly to give out what I enjoy doing (bakery and catering services). Without knowledge we pay hard for ignorance and negligence. I’m also saving up money to commercialize my kitchen and I think this community would enable me do so.

Below are few samples of my creative approaches to catering.....


Welcome to Steemit!

Welcome to Steemit. Kindly prepare pizza and pop-corn for me.

Just book for pizza and it will be delivered to you

Welcome to steemit Jacinta! I strongly believe you will like it here

I not usually into all the food pictures you see on social media, but your rolls look amazing!!
Best of luck, here and with your kitchen.

I want to be you friends,
Follow me...!!!! @milenia

Welcome to Steemit, and great first post. I can tell you have a really good sense of humor :D

You have a wonderful energy in the picture. I wish you success on Steemit so you can upgrade your kitchen! I also love food and biology, we could Follow each other!

Welcome to steemit! My buddy from work is from Nigeria. Hey let me get a slice of that pizza :)

I will prepare special pizza for you when you come to Nigeria

Welcome to steemit... keep posting and never give up...

You are highly welcome to steemit. Hope to see more of you here, cheers

Aww lovely x great post,welcome to steemit! take a look at my profile, let me know what you think. @diljeetdil. Thanks x looking forward to your next post. Xx

You are a talented chef. Sweet. Yummy.

I welcome you to Steemit!

Welcome to Steemit, I hope you enjoy ur stay here..just keep doing what you love..those bakes are so beautiful, I could almost taste dem from here...Welcome!

Thank, but u can have the real taste if u wish

Madam You are highly welcome

Wow! You are welcome to Steemit. You may follow me @papaessel as we explore knowledge and ideas together.