Was I out of my mind?!? Probably. - Creating a 3D Animation with little know-how

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Hello Steemians!

This is my first post after @geronimo introduced me to Steemit over a year ago.
I KNOW- my first blogpost took me that long!!
It's so hard to shake my bad habit of procrastinating, but I guess the most of you know what I am talking about. I even got some friends and my sister @itsnicoletv to start posting here, but you know...better late than never. °ω°

So I just thought to start off with an introduction about myself:
My name is Jessica. I love travelling, korean food, 3D, and creating some DIYs. For this time of the year it's knitting! I am half-korean, half-german, born in Mauritius and raised in Germany. Pheww! Well, I was just a kid and remember bits and pieces, but especially now, during those super cold winter days in Germany I just want to go back, lay down somewhere on the beach there and feel the warm sun on my skin. ⋟﹏⋞


Christmasmarket in Trier

But back to reality:
I study Intermedia Design in the very historic and cute Town named Trier. I just finished my bachelor thesis and created a 3D animation scene. Originally, I wanted to create an animation short film with the looks of Pixar, Dreamsworks and aaall the other great animation studios, but due to the limited amount of time and technology and of course procrastinating, I managed to create my first ever 3D animation scene.

That's right- I decided to create an animation for my bachelor project and never ever even finished a complete animation before in my life, except some 2D animations created in Spine for a 2D Arena Brawler Game (but that's another story).
Was I out of my mind?!? Probably.
I just wanted to create, instead of being a consumer. Thats's something I heard all the time, which was annoying, because I really love storytelling in all kind of forms. Still, I was way over my head, which I am thankful for now, because I learned so much the past months.


Creating the Main Character

I modelled 3D objects and characters before with ZBrush, 3Ds Max, Maya and Blender and then that was it. So to complete an animation, I decided to use Blender, a free and an open source software and on top of that @geronimo told me about rendering my project with the Golem Project, a decentralized market for computing power. I thought... well why not... anything, that can help me, I'll take it. In the end I used the Motion Caption Studio and Software Motive from OptiTrack for animations, Blender to modell, rigg (give the characters a skeleton), texture and basically redone the faulty animations and everything else, that had to be done with Blender. I found out about the render farm for Blender called SheepIt and 12 weeks full of sweat and tears later, I finished my 3D Animation „Charlie Lou- The Gator“

animationprocess Kopie.jpg

Animation in the making


Rendered Scene of the Animation Charlie Lou

I won't give much away of the story and situation of the scene, because I still want to complete the animation, which will be featured in another blog post soon! I am looking forward to post my work, korean recipes, travel adventures or DIYs in the future. I haven't made up my mind yet, but I am excited for starting this new journey with Steemit.

Thanks for reading!



Great! Good to have you here! Enjoy steemit!

wow great entry..welcome dear

Amazing dear. Welcome and nice introduce yourself. And by the way, those animation moved me as a lady you are. Great job done. See more of your animation here on steemit.

What an awesome post, totally deserving of the payout! It's always been my dream to visit a christmas market in Germany, it looks stunning there!

You've got a new a follower in me, I can't wait to see the rest of your animation projects and DIYs! Welcome to steemit girl! And don't worry, it took me nearly 6 months to start blogging after I signed up, I get it haha

I love this introduction post!! Totally understand the whole procrastination thing - for me there is always so much that I want to do RIGHT NOW that I put things off and sometimes it takes sooo long (and much more effort) to get back to them.
You have inspired me to get my introduction post done! Starting it now ;)
Thanks for sharing, and welcome!

Hi, welcome to steemit !! I followed you , I I feel like you will have interesting posts coming up :)

Oh wow, a fellow animator from Germany. Although you seem to do it rather professionally whereas I'm doing it just for fun :)

Definitely excited to see the final piece!

PS: Germany in winter is soooo grey additionally to being cold, wish you great strength to get through :D

Hmm...."professionally"- I am trying:) Thank youuu! I'll keep you updated:)
At least it's snowing now, but it's just not my favorite season:/

Welcome to Steemit, @jellenmark! Can't wait to see the finished product :) That Saxophonist alligator looks really smooth ^^ Followed!

:D Finally^^

Hellooo welcome to Steemit :) lovely to have you here!! :)) You will enjoy Steemit!

Omg, that's amazing! Welcome :-)


So did you post the finished animation somewhere? Like YouTube maybe? The Töad Meädow Arts Collective has a couple artists that are starting to experiment with producing virtual reality art. We are looking for 3D artists to collaborate with, and we have access to a mining farm with a bunch of graphics cards that we can re-purpose for rendering any time we want. The screen caps you posted look pretty cool.

Hey, this is actually the first I ever posted my 3D work. I am currently preparing my portfolio and updating my animation. It will probably take 1-2 days, but I'll post the links as soon as it's ready:)

Hey Jessica, it looks like a good gator 3D design. Do you have youtube channel where you share 3D designs like this? Like making of type videos?

Hey, no this is the first time I've posted my work, but I've watched a really great tutorial series from The Agenzas Brothers. It's not an active channel anymore, but it helped me with the fireflies and how to reduce the size of my file etc. I'll post a small documentation about this animation with the final result soon:)

Wow! Another new interesting Steemian! I’m sure your work will attract a lot of audience here. Steem on! 🤗💚

Thank you! I hope I will create entertaining content in the future. We will see... I have a lot of time now:)

Servus und willkommen auf Steemit ;) Das mit den Animationen sieht ja sehr cool aus! Hab dich mal via @welcoming geteilt, wo ich vielversprechenede Neuzugänge vorstelle! Liebe Grüße!

Heyhey, dankeschön:)

Welcome to Steemit. Nice to meet you, Jessica. Get ready for an interesting ride.

Welcome to the community fellow artist !!

P.s You are beautiful

Hi @jellenmark - I just signed up for Steemit and I've been going through the welcome page. While I think about my introduction I decided to check out some others for inspiration and yours was at the top of my list.

So of course I thought the first post I see should also get my first response.

I actually have a degree in multimedia and design, I've had a few 3d & animation classes. Unfortunately I gave up on that dream of working for disney/pixar, but from what I'm seeing you will do great in the field!

but now the big question... How come you picked a gator to be your main character? And is he playing smooth jazz?

It's never too late. I have so much to learn, but I am just having fun with it:) I was inspired by Louis from the Princess and the Frog and wanted to create a small storyline about a character like that:) In the upcoming post I will explain everything. I think I want to post the video of that scene first, before I spoil the story too much. I am not really sure, because I want to finish the complete shortfilm and the finished scene is actually the highlight of the story^^ I'll figure it out today:)

True, but recently I changed my hobbies. Now I'm focusing on music and writing. I need to stop being lazy and start posting some of my stuff. I get a bit worried that people won't like what I create.

I look forward to seeing the final short film :)

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So amazing good luck!

What a charming girl you are!

Welcome jellenmark, I hope you enjoy things and have fun posting.

Hey, thank you I will:)

WElcome to Steemit, I hope you have as much fun here as you have in your art. There is so much to learn, so many to meet, and let me know if I can answer any questions along the way. I hope you will join the minnow support group and meet artist like yourself and many many others!

Herzlich willkommen auf Steemit, schön dass du hier bist.
Das mit den Animationen hört sich auf jeden Fall schon mal interessant und vielversprechend an!
Freue mich auf deine Beiträge! :)

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I've always loved the thought of 3D animation. I've downloaded Blender, but I don't have the first clue of how to use it. The closest I've came to anything like that was utilizing mods on Skyrim for my PC, and only able to take screenshots with that. This is awesome, I look forward to seeing more from you.

Thank you:) You just have to start with small projects first. Modelling in Blender is actually easy to learn, but I underestimated the amount of work for an animation. I had so many problems and mistakes, even with watching tutorials^^ I used the series from the Agenzas Brothers in Youtube for little tweaks in my animation. But I think it's the best to start with an easy model and then after that, learn how to texture, shade and render it. After you understood that, I would just practice a little with easy objects and then take it to the next level with one or two models. I just did everything at once. You'll understand soon:)

Welcome to Steemit! Oh, wow, what an interesting post and what an interesting life you got! I actually have a friend from Mauritius :) - so it's official, now I know two people from Mauritius. Your animation work is awesome, and you must be a very patient person if you like knitting lol. I look forward to more of your posts.

Fellow Procrastinator :)

You are so awesome and intresting.
My blog is @cinemarebell and I write of movies and news of Hollywood.

Sure why not:) Thank you!

Welcome to Steemit and good luck!

Well no time like the present now just don't take a year to make a profile picture haha, I saw you don’t have a Steemit Profile Picture I made a story post to make it simply to do. Here

hai...wellcome....Enjoy steemit!

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Hi Welcome to Steem!

Where did you find the motion capture studio? was it a facility provided by your university?

Hey, you're right. It's provided by our Uni from the game developers faculty. We got it last year:)

Nice, I am green with jealousy :)

hi..wellcome to steemit...

Welcome onboard, Jessica. That's an amazing heritage you got there half-Korean, half-German. Good pictures. I will look forward to reading your next post. Steem On!

i really love animation so i am expecting to see the total result as i have high hopes from what you showed in your post. i look forward to learn a bit about animation too! have fun and welcome to steemit

Welcome Jessica..just did my first post after four months..better late than never right? :)

Right! The first step is always hard, but we did it:)

Welcome @jellenmark to steemit. Hmm, doing a 3d animation when you have not done it before can be demanding but with patience and hardwork it can be done. Am glad to have you here.

I upvoted you,it might be small probably because my voting power is reduced at this time, but it's just a sign of my good will.

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And then upvote my comment @stellastella in the comment section.
That will help me win the sports contest. Thanks a lot for your anticipated help. You can join the contest if you desire. Thanks for your help

Welcome to Steemit @jellenmark Greetings :)

Good project! I love the crocodile and he plays the isntrument jazzy!

Wilkommen//어서오세요 @jellenmark!

Really looking forward to seeing more of your creative work.

Hello & Willkommen!!! Schöne Vorstellung!!

Hi, @jellenmark nice to read about you, i am SanjeevPal from India, I am also new on steemit and welcome you to steemit.i have followed you. so you

also follow me.
Best of luck! @sanjeevpal

Congrats on finally posting. Cool to see a blender user on here.

Nice cliffhanger! It worked: I will followyou and look forward to your animation (and your recipes too!)

Hope it won't take you another year, though :-)

Yey:D I will hurry up. First the animation, then the recipes:D

Welcome !! Amazing work , looking forward to the end result!


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