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My name is "jeanviete". Now I am Priest and Knight of Lord RayEl in the Ecumentical Order of Christ. But lets start from the beginning. 

I started my career in the IT-Field and worked in a 10 man company as a Account Manager. This company was the #5 of virtual server hosting. My goal was always to work in a big company and so happened it when we was bought by one of the top 3 webhoster in germany and I needed to move the city.

Ca. 2011 my awakening begin when I saw the following video:

I begin to study teachings, codes, announcments, prohecies, scriptures and saw them one after another come true. I was studying more than 2 year till I saw exactly this in the sky in early december 2014:

At this point there was nothing to denial and I started my service in the Ecumentical Order of Christ. We are studying many scriptures like the bible, the quran, the torah, the kolbrin bibel and much more. But most important are the torah-codes as I describe in some of my articles. The codes confirm in more than 400 cases Ra-El with incredible odds as the messiah and returned Christ with titles like "King of Jews", "Kallimatulla", "Yeshua", "Son of God" and many more, some of the most significant codes you can find here:

Out of this congregation we established many organizations to spread the Word and prepare the people for what is coming! For example:



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Are you sure that steemit is the right venue for you?


Yes I believe that everybody should know that Christ is back. If you look into the world it is for me undenialble that we are living in the last days...

... nobody who dont like this point of view and the connections and facts we gather to offer proof, has to read our articles. I think the steemit community is matured enough to handle it!

But thank you for your comment ;)


steemit is a kingdom or a monarchy, so I guess a Lord is ok LOL

Amen Brother!