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I recently spoke with a few of the different entrepreneurs that work full time from home, and we discussed how to develop the best morning routine. Everyone is different, so you have to develop a custom routine that it personalized to you. You have to have self awareness to know how you mind and body functions.

For me, it takes about 3 hours after I wake up before I reach my maximum productivity level. Knowing this, I always plan to wake up around 7am, so I can be fully energized and start working by 10am. During the 3 hours before I lock myself in my office, I have developed a morning routine that helps to wake me up and get motivated for the work of the day.

When I first wake up, I always start with 15-20 Minutes of meditation. I think it’s highly important to clear your mind and harness your chi to provide you with the energy you need to tackle the tasks of day.

After meditation, I usually get up, shower and brush my teeth, and then grab a light breakfast and most importantly, a large cup of coffee. I’m definitely a caffeine dependent life form, and 2-3 cups of coffee is required each day.

I will then do a 30 minutes workout, whether it’s running on the treadmill or doing some light martial arts training, to get my blood flowing and my body active. While working out, I always have my headphones on playing a podcast episode from one of my favorite business podcasters to get into the right mindset.

After my morning workout, I then sit down, get a pen and pad, and write out the tasks I want to accomplish for the day. The biggest task, or the task I feel is most important,, is always first on the list. If I don’t finish anything else during the day, I will feel satisfied having completed the major task of the day.

My routine will likely change as time passes, and as I figure out ways to better optimize my day

So what is your daily morning routine? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time!

Jason Gandy

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I need a while to get going in the morning too. For me it's yoga, meditation and big long dog walk before I get started! Welcome to Steemit, looking forward to reading more!


Thanks @catonwheels, I love yoga well! I forgot to mention walking my dog, sounds like we have similar mornings :)

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