Introducing The First-Ever Platform Designed and Created Specifically For The Delegators of Steemit Community.

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Dear Steemians,

Today, in the current scenario, a lot of trust issue prevails in the mind of delegators looking for a lucrative passive income by delegating their hard earned SP to the bid based voting bots of steemit. Many bots promise 100% earning distribution to their delegators, but there is no easy way for a delegator to check whether the bot really does payouts as promised. Moreover, it would take an ample amount of time even for a seasoned delegator to compare the payouts given by all the bots and then choose the best paying bot in order to maximize his returns.

Introducing, a one-stop destination for delegators, which compares all the listed voting bots based on several factors such as their payouts to their delegators, consistency in payouts, delegator retention rate, etc. We have incorporated numerous factors, each with appropriate weightage, to form a unique score called “iSTEEMd score” to rank the bots based on its performance and trust.

Our mission is to enable not only the current Steemit investors and delegators but also the traditional fiat investors to join Steemit and take advantage of this huge passive investment opportunity and reap rewards not possible with the regular fiat currency. For more details, kindly visit our website

Kudos to @ned and @dan for creating this wonderful platform.



I sent 50 steem and received less than a $50 upvote. This is a ripoff and I won't be using your service again.

Interesting topic, I congratulate you, thank you for sharing!

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This service has great potential, but you need to add more bots. The list feel very imcpomplete

Hi ,
Nice post , check my crypto blog aswell @lightreflections !

nice ... please everyone one vote give please

@isteemd follow me back. I just delegated through your website

Pretty cool, wish my bot @haveaheart had 10,000 SP..

@isteemd, I gave you an upvote on your first post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return!

Please also take a moment to read this post regarding bad behavior on Steemit.

anything that will improve the steem, i will suppoort.

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