New and Confused!!!

Hello Steemians, I am trying to understand this new world to me. I have been here for 10 days, trying to figure out the best way to proceed and navigate the platform.


As a new user, I have noticed a myriad of reactions in the steem community; kind, helpful, bitter, resentful to name a few. This community is pretty amazing with all the different viewpoints and meaningful dialogue being exchanged.

I am wondering is there a place for new Steemians to get pointers on how to add value to the community? What is the best way to manage votes, bandwidth and proper tag assignment?


Thanks for any assistance you can offer,
I hope to be a value to the community, when I no longer feel like this!


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Been looking around and reading posts

Your user name @iowabuckd tells me you might be a whitetail deer hunter. If so we hope you will use the #myhuntingfishing tag to post some hunting and/or fishing content. Welcome to steemit and best wishes!

Hi there @iowabuckd welcome to steemit, I know for the first month this might be confusing on your part but there are some tutorials provided here that would better assist and help you. =)

Don’t worry @iowabuckd! It only gets worse :/ just kidding!!! Try to go to discord chat rooms. You can get good help there.


Thanks, things looking up already!

Steemit is very different from other social media. I also think the learning curve is very steep. To get started quickly, here are some tips and tricks at Steemit in a minute. Hope it helps 😃


Thanks will read up on this tomorrow.

Hi @iowabuckd and welcome! I wish I had a concise, consolidated nugget I could pass to you that would onboard you quickly, but I don't :( But, no fear! I'm new as well and here are a few things I've done to bump up my knowledge. Read the FAQ in the hamburger dropdown in the upper right corner. Every word of it, it helps! Learn the difference between SBD, Steem and Steem power on DTube (or Youtube if you must). Click on the "other tags" button at the bottom of the popular tags when you are on your feed page. When you get to the tags page, sort the tags by the different categories to get a sense of where the volume of posts are. Keyword search for content you are interested in, follow the people making it and comment generously :) It helps to connect you to other and let people know what you are interested in. I hope you got some value out of my suggestions.

If you find you are getting bored, stop by my page and say hello @danielshortell...I write fiction here. What are you planning to contribute?

Oh, and your snowy weather looks a lot like mine here in Syracuse :)


Thanks for the advice, I think once I get going I plan to contribute on family and parenting as I have a lot of life experiences in these areas. I am excited to see where this goes for me and what value I bring to the community, I want to have a meaningful impact for others here. Weather crazy, almost 80 here today and tomorrow back in 40’s on Thursday.


If my powers of deduction are correct (and my ability to count is still functioning after a long day), I'd venture to guess that you have 7 kids??? Whoa, if yes, you must have some good parenting tips ;)

Yeah, we made 70 here today, back to 30 something tomorrow, crazy.


Seven kids at home, 2 in college, currently 5 teenagers and yes still a full head of hair! What a blessing these children are.


Holy crap, that's amazing man, good work!

I'm in the same boat! I have just been folllowing Steemit post and learning from there, and interactine with people I follow!


Yeah kinda crazy to get a feel, I am loving it so far! Welcome to you as well.

Patience.....Nothing worth having is easy, if that's the case everyone would be successful. 10 Days? not bad. I did a post like this after a month and got nothing. I've had to roam pages and look a posts. I learn more each day.

There is all sort of advice on posting everyday, not posting everyday, when to comment, when to resteem, when to vote and not to vote, and so forth.

Patience and consistency are the major things. Interacting with your followers responding to them and commenting on other posts. Basically being involved. Everyone has mentioned to find your niche. Once you can do that then things get smoother from there.

It was even mentioned to me to save my votes for people such as ourselves to help build us up. Don't vote for whales because they already have a big following and are making money. That upvoting them is wasting your money. I don't know if that's true or not. I just know I am picky about what I reply and resteem. I will not support someone just spamming pictures off of the internet or copying and pasting articles they find interesting without proper credit. Putting it up as their own. Besides it's plagiarism. I make sure I only support original work. Most of the platform feels that way.

I really haven't seen much negativity most people have been very helpful. There is a bit of drama, but it's actually important. People making bogus accounts upvoting themselves and just pulling articles off the internet. They make enough that when the distribution happens they suck up so much from the main pool us smaller guys the redfish and minnows get squat.

@fun2learn, @drakos, @spritualmax plus a few others I can't remember right now has put out some great articles. I do resteem those when I get them since most of my followers are as new or newer than I am.

You'll be fine. I can't wait to see what you come up with.


Thank you for the insight, I am excited about this format and helping it grow by my involvement. No doubt a lot to learn, like anything else one bite at a time.


It can seem like a bit much sometimes, but your obviously doing something right, your reputation score is headed up. Ive nominated you for a black and white photo challenge, if you wish to accept click here!


Thanks, I will check out the phot challenge.

hi @ iowabuckd,i found @jerrybanfield very helpful.he has created a steem guide page check it out.Lots of helpful tips to grow on steemit. hope this helps.You have a follower in me to.Have fun and most importantly be yourself


Thanks for the insight, I can certainly see a lot of potential. I am enjoying my stay so far, it gets better each day.