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We are happy you are reading our first post on the Steemit! Nice to meet you :) As we have just started our profile, we would like to introduce yourself here.

About us

Inertia is a small company based in Lodz(Poland). Generally we are focused on creating mobile games. However, we develop apps for our customers as well. We released our first mobile game named Radioactive Fruits on May 2015 but officially the company was found on October 2017. You could find the full list of our Android games here.

Why Steemit?

We were trying to use Facebook but we can't say we liked this platform. There are some reasons why but it's not the correct place to write about it. So now we are looking for new social platforms and found Steemit. We are excited to explore this new place. Basically we would like to promote our products and be in touch with our players. However, we are planning to create Android/iOS related content in general. Hope we will have a lot of fun here.

Thank you for your time! Here we are attaching some links to our pages:


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Welcome. It's a great place.

Look out for TRENDIT that is coming soon. Bit plattform alot og money for commercial and great opertunities to make money. Alot of them!

Gonna follow you. Hope to learn more on how to make mobile apps from you.

Advertising is not the biggest part of steemit.

Hi !! Welcome to the community! Steemit has a lot of potential and so do you. Do not forget that! Steemians earn when somebody upvotes their posts or comments. While Steemit is blogging, it's all about socializing as well. You can make some friends here. Engage and try to socialize.

The best way to be rewarded is to expect nothing! Focus on your content. We call them articles and you of course as authors. If you provide good quality contents people will come to your blog and read them. Upvotes are of course the biggest bonuses..... I really liked the way you introduced yourself it was interesting description I'll surely follow you for more interesting stuffs.

Welcome to Steemit! Glad to see some new faces!

Thank you! :)