A little info about me :)

Hi Steemians,

I'm Izzy, residing in Cebu City.25437101_1918307811519055_400203165_n.jpg

I'm a type of person who loves traveling, eating sweets and hanging out with friends. Here's some pictures of me when I was traveling.

Twin Lake Balinsasayao

Campuestohan Highland Resort

The Ruins

Favorite sweets!



Here's some pics together with my friends. :)




I've knew steemit from @bellatravelph and @itinerantph which they conducted steemit 1st meet up event. I decided to join this steemit community b'coz I want to share my travel experiences and other crazy stuff that I'll be posting and hopefully you'll like it (Hehehe).

That's all for now. See you next time for my next adventure. :)


Welcome to Steemit!

Enjoy the journey here in Steemit!

Welcome and enjoy. Im new here too. Hopefully can visit Cebu Island soon. I have few friends who went there for diving.

Welcome to Steemit! This is a nice place to network with other people.

Best of Luck,
Spencer Coffman

Agree, thanks. ☺️👍

Welcome to the community @iamizzy18! Cheers, @rebele93

Thanks @rebel93. ☺️

Welcome to Steemit! Great intro and pictures. Love travel also. Look forward to more posts about them, feel free to follow or contact me if you need anything!

Hey! I will and thanks. ☺️👍

Welcome to the community of steemit. . Enjoy! Happy steeming 😘

Arigatou neh manks! Thanks sa paghelp. 😙😙

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welcome to steemit dear!

Welcome Manko! I am very happy to see you :D

Yay! thanks manks. 😙

Awesome. Welcome to steemit @iamizzy18 . Am glad you are here on steemit.i sure can't wait to read your of your travels and see pics from them. I hope you post them.

Am following you now, so I'll be alerted the moment you make any post.

I upvoted you,it might be small probably because my voting power is reduced at this time, but it's just a sign of my good will.

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Welcome to Steemit, Izzy! Beautiful pictures and the dessert looks mouthwatering. Keep sharing and enjoy while doing it. Steem On!

Nice to meet you. The start it wouldn't be easy, but it isn't impossible. Be yourself, originality matters a lot :)

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