HELLO PEOPLE, I AM HUASCAR FROM VENEZUELA. I invite you to meet me!steemCreated with Sketch.

Hello people.

Today is my first day here, I introduce myself to you and I hope you know about me and appreciate my content. I am anxious to know more about you.

My name is Huascar, I was born in Venezuela on the island of Margarita on March 5, 1992, if you do not know this place (Isla de Margarita) I am the person to show you how beautiful and wonderful it is.


About me I can advance you in this introduction that I love sports and art, it is very important in my life. I am a lover of coffee and old phrases, in my steemit account I will offer you more about all that and about me.

I hope you like it and we can share new ideas, friendships and cultures through this medium, I thank all those who will support me in my beginning, a great gift and greetings from VENEZUELA.



Selamat bergabung di steemit kawan, semoga di steemit ini kita bisa saling mendukung, salam dari saya @iqbal-pase, berasal dari lhokseumawe, Aceh. Saya juga pemula disini, mohon dukunganya di postingan pertama saya nanti #introduceyourself. Semoga sukses kawan semua


Congratulations to join in steemit friend, hopefully in this steemit we can support each other, greetings from me @iqbal-pase, coming from lhokseumawe, Aceh. I am also a beginner here, please support it in my first post #introduceyourself. Good luck to all friends

Thanks for your comment, of course here we are to support each other friend!

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I am a coffee lover, too, @iamhuascar! Looking forward to reading more of your posts about your beautiful island! Cheers!

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thanks you so much!

You are very welcome, @iamhuascar! Cheers!

Welcome to steemit! I also love coffee! Here's a follow!

Nice to "meet" you! Isn't there a lot of inflation out there and bad conditions in Venezuela?

Yes, there is, however we Venezuelans find a way to support each other in order to live, and enjoy the good things that life offers us despite the situations of the country!

I am gandalf the grey, i invited you to fight against evil!

sure bro, soon!

welcome to steemit broooo ! amazing !

Nice too met u friend

Welcome to steemit buddy, you'll do great here

thanks so much bro!

Welcome to Steemit! Good luck! ;)

Hi Huascar :) I love your island - it's beautiful. I am Peter. New to steemeit too. I am starting to follow your channel, please follow me too. Upvoted and replied :)
Please consider doing the same for me. Regardless - thank you and have a lovely day :) and see you in our posts...

Nice too meet you Peter, thanks!!

Nice! I saw that you joined recently so I wanted to personally welcome you. This deserves an upvote and keep up the good work!
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