Time to Introduce and Verify Myself to Steemit

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Hello my name is Ekheomo Daniel, also known online and in business as iamdrex.

I grew up in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, doing all the things young Nigerian men do: going to school and learning all the basic sciences. Even though I learned all the traditional subjects and went to college for chemical engineering at my family’s insistence, my heart has always been in the world of art and technology.

Eventually I drifted into the music industry. In the beginning I thought that production was my main area of expertise, but after working seriously with several excellent producers on different projects, I noticed that I really enjoyed mixing and mastering. I founded my company, Kompany Music, Ng about one year ago with the idea of showcasing new talent. Each month I try to spotlight a different performer, crafting and perfecting them in song and video. Kompany Music, Ng is your one stop shop for recording, producing, mixing, mastering all your music, songs and videos. I want to say a very special thank you to @cryptokannon for introducing and signing me up on Steemit, God bless you.



Hi @iamdrex welcome to steem network. Finally you made your introduction post. We in steem community glad to have you here. I'm not aware of any music community yet, but there is one classical music genre community, don't think that fits your music genre. Maybe you all musician should create this one community for all that are into music creation. Let me know if you want to manage/collaborate with someone for that. Looking forward to your post about your music creation and the talents that you scouting from your company. Checkout @dlive as you might want to use this platform to showcase your music beside crossposting from youtube to here. dtube also another alternatives.

Okay i'm on it.


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Hello @iamdrex, Welcome to the steemit network!

Thank you 🙏 @a-0-0-0-real-dex

Welcome to steemit. Look forward to your musical journey on steem :)
Upvoted and Followed :)

Of course @sajannair what genre do you love?

All of them are good ! I enjoy anything that sounds good ! But i have a thing for fusion sounds. When two unrelated cultural sounds meet to make something beautiful !

Wonderful insight, I love it thank you 🙏

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