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FUN FACT: According to The World Bank, as of 2018 31% of adults in the world DO NOT have access to a simple bank account. 🤔
Welcome to The Cryptonomic Times, a place where you can learn about todays economic systems, its shortcomings, and why blockchain is crucial to achieving freedom for all.🗽
The point of this page is NOT to encourage people to invest in cryptocurrencies, but to educate people about how economics work today and how blockchain and cryptocurrency can make the world a better place. 🎓
believe that most people struggle to see the potential of blockchain because they fail to first understand the flaws in the economic systems of today. ❌
Learning and understanding economics can be a daunting task that not many people want to undertake. Let The Cryptonomic Times make it easy for you to learn and understand what you need to know about economics so that WE can make the world a better place with blockchain. 🌍
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