Hey, everyone! I'm Hot Dad and I make comedy music and videos!

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Hi Steemit & DTube!

27946966_10208704919820417_1010376198_o ressized.jpg

I'm really happy to be here, y'all! I'm a YouTube/general internet creator called Hot Dad, and the primary thing I make is what I like to describe as "emotionally-charged comedy music." I didn't start out trying to do that, it's just sort of evolved over time and become my specialty. That's not the only thing I do, however, but it is my Most Important Creative Goal™. Genre-wise, I normally exist in the rock/synthpop realm, but occasionally I do other things.

Sometimes I make stuff that's just silly and and easy to consume and wholesome like the video I'm most known for at this point in time:


And sometimes I make things that are a little denser and more of a is he really serious about this?!-type of inscrutable angle, like this heartfelt tune about Guy Fieri:


I'm not normally this verbose/my content doesn't require a ton of thinking to consume, but bear with me since I've got this opportunity to Explain My Vision™:

My aim is to make songs that are both solidly written/produced and funny. And for me, sometimes funny is subtle/ironic/anti-humor-y, and sometimes it's over-the-top/crass. I like to explore both extremes, which has made existing on YouTube difficult at times given their unpredictability regarding monetization. Yes, I do make family friendly/SFW content (most of the time, actually). But not all the time, and I don't want my whims to be dictated by what YouTube is okay with that moment (which is why my primary source of income is from my incredible patrons over at Patreon).

In my humble opinion, a lot of comedy musicians create songs that are just a delivery tool for the jokes, and the compositions end up kind of lacking in a variety of ways. I'm not saying other comedy music is bad, but mine is good!, no way. This is just me combining my specific needs/desires as a listener with my creative output, and hoping anyone notices the things I care about. Yes, I make music that, at its core, is silly/for laughs/ironic/whatever. However, I want you to feel something when you're listening, too, that'd be real cool! :)

I don't see a lot of other artists trying to do specifically what I'm doing, so it feels like a noble goal to pursue and one that brings me satisfaction when it actually kinda works. (And for what it's worth, I'm not really a music theory guy either, I just do things instinctively and tend to exist in more of a pop music realm.) Although I feel like my career is just getting started, I've accomplished things through Hot Dad that I never thought would have been possible otherwise, and I'm so so so very grateful for that.

I work with an extremely talented video editor/artist named Peter Bjorndal (initially a volunteer, but now paid), who also makes my thumbnails and cover art and memes. He brings a wonderful and surreal visual style that I never could have achieved alone, and I'm so proud of the work we do together and so v v thankful he tolerates my madness!

You can learn more about him at his website: https://bjornd.al
He also designed my website where you can find links to all my other platforms and songs on streaming services and stuff: http://hotdad.club
I've also got a Serious Music Project called Girls Who Care that you can find on Spotify/plenty of other places. I hope to release another album under that moniker eventually, but it might be a while since Hot Dad is kinda mostly who I am now. https://open.spotify.com/album/7g1sDNM38oSf0IUB6Irb0k

My plan is to upload most of my video collection from YouTube over time, along with all my new videos as they're completed. Let's just say I'm excited to bring my tunes and ideas over to your platform, and I can't wait to share what I've got with y'all.



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I'm @edosweet. I'm here to welcome you specially to this platform. I'm really glad you are here and hope to see you become a great steemian. Good luck to you! IMG_20180130_094825

Welcome to steemit, hotdad!

Nice to see you here! I've remember seeing you in some Commentiquette videos, amirite? Nice stuff, I'll keep watching :))


yes, and i did his theme song, actually! i think more people know that song than anything else i've ever done, honestly. and thank you! :)


Well you clearly have some talent, so I'll check out you're other works!

3:::m:::D<(sorry I can't help myself, I'm a living joke)


i'll check 'em out! thanks so much!

Welcome to Steemit mate! There's a lot of cool musicians joining up lately. I've recently got into writing some songs and mine tend towards comedy. My thinking is that it's easier to make them laugh than impressed them musically :)

Welcome to Steemit

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Welcome to steem! Good luck!

You look pretty cool! welcome to steemit!
Follow me @JuanDVG

Welcome to Steemit! Looking forward to seeing your videos on here and DTube.


thank you! i've got plenty of stuff to share, believe me!

hahahaha :)

Welcome to the platform. We need as much funny content as we can get.


i promise to do my best! <3

Welcome aboard dude! We have some pop musicians and some comedians but probably nobody with the combination of both, and at such high quality. Looking forward to your posts, cheers mate


very very kind of you to say that! i really appreciate it and can't wait to share more stuff.

You did the theme song for Erik from commentiquette, correct? That's awesome! Welcome to Steem. You have a follower in me already! Looking forward to your content on here.