I think one of the reasons people go back to an ex is they're looking for someone. And it's not the ex, bu rather the person they were when they were with that person. The other reason, of course is the sex the disillusionment. That little voice in their head that says it will be better this time. And sometimes, it is, but more often, it's not.

Well, I'm here for the first reason.

I found myself retracing my steps to Steemit a few days ago, and it wasn't for the reason you might expect. It wasn't the markets that herded me back, but rather an artistic curiosity to do with my own writing style. And looking through my old posts there, I couldn't help but feel nostalgic. For the person who wrote those. And I don't think I could "get her back" because that would be foolish and unnatural, but I do want to see how and if I can re-incorporate that part of myself who rambled on here into my life as it is now.

Over the past few days, I've been contemplating this post, and briefly I toyed with the idea of titling it something cutesy and endearing like "Stepping Through the Time Machine", you know, something that would gloss over the fact I've been away so long. But then I realized how silly that would be. Because you can't step through a time machine, and besides, why would I want to erase my absence? I love my absence, and I take it as part of who I am now.

So hello. This isn't me from two years ago, so I don't know how this will work. I guess we'll see.

I would ask how you've been doing or what I've missed, but I won't. See, I think that's a stupid phrase, too. As if there's anyone out there going round with a neat list in their pocket of all the things you missed in their life. There isn't. You know why? Because you missed them. Big brain stuff right there. So I won't ask you anything like that, but if you feel inclined to share something, please do. Nor will I tell you what I've been doing in the past fuck knows how many months it's been. I guess it'll come up in my future here, if there is one.

So if I won't ask or say anything, what the hell am I saying with this post, anyway?

I guess I'm saying drop me a line. And hi.


There is no one here..unless you wanna post in Korean..

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