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There is a magnifying glass on top on the page. This is Google Search limited to

OK I get it, I think? I just have to scroll down to see what I want.

That seems to take me to the general internet, and not just Steemit. Is it just Steemit?

Hey - I am like minded. Just wanted to say hello...and in case you would like to follow.

Yes, I did follow you. I enjoyed your rabbit articles. If the coyotes and other predators don't get to the rabbits in this area, they can grow HUGE! Love rabbit stew. Hope you follow me! We are not living off grid as of yet. Just slowly preparing. Have barn and small house. Planted apple trees two years ago to see if they would grow with out constant care. We talked with arbor foundation and studied the internet to find the best edible plants and bushes that need little or no care. Hopefully we will get a double bonus out of the plants. Eating them and bringing wildlife closer to our door step. We will be living very high altitude in the Rocky Mountains. Little water. Chose carefully the land. Studied aquifers prior to purchasing. Well and septic. Currently hooked up to the grid with electricity. Watching the sun through the seasons to find the best locations for solar panels. And will do the trickle electricity with wind power.

Everyday is a contest as far as the predators go. Skunks have actually been my biggest problem. They go crazy for pigeons. Sounds like you are well on your way to big adventure. I am just outside of Glenwood Springs. You? And yes, I do follow you, and thanks.

Love Glennwood area! Frequent there often!

We are in Park County. Two different properties. One has a view to die for, outside of Hartsel. The other is where we will be living. In a small valley, protected by the winds. Our address, according to the post office, is Como. But everyone other entity out there, says Jefferson. Both are higher altitude than Glennwood. We have to choose our "garden" carefully. Short season, but the most interesting challenge is being closer to the sun.

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