You can only use a link. You can put your image in your Dropbox public folder for example
There are other services like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

I tried this. It did not work. I have the URL. Apparently I am not doing it correctly? I now have a blank display. Can someone explain to me what I need to fill in on each line? Profile picture url Cover image url Display Name About Location Website

Your display name is Homestead Apocalypse
Your location is Rocky Mountains
Your website is :(
You don't have a "Cover Image", @redcarpet has one.
You have set about to Future

In Dropbox, you have to put the file in the folder "public" and copy and paste the "public url" in the profile picture.

go to settings, change url profile pic, copy the image link

I prefer not to do a link. I just want to add an image I have on file from my computer. If I can't do this, how can I create a link?

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