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Holla Amigos, Amigas

Will Gikandi

I am super excited to start a new journey with you guys. Hope we share new adventures and insights together.

will gikandi

I am a travel, people and tech addict


But I don't want to quit


Join me in this awesome Journey



That's amazing @hitwill, I hope that you get success in your new journey and I think it is your best step that you've taken that never quit & never give up!

Best of luck and best wishes from me!

Koala Bears has affection for you

It's nice to put a face to your content now! Maybe I should do an IntroduceYourself post since I havent yet!

Please do! @chasegapo - looking forward to your posts!!

I absolutely love this post and pictures! I love your sense of humor! That is my Amigo! @hitwill is the MAN! I absolutely love the intro! It is an honor to join you on your journey my Friend! It is going to be a PHENOMENAL one! Thank you VERY much for sharing your adventure! You are a Brilliant and Great Man! You both look to see eye to eye LOL! Great Pic my Friend! All the VERY best! Positive Energy! Great Karma! I'm proudly resteeming, upvoting, commenting and following! Your Devoted Friend @extraterrestrial :)

wow! it's awesome. i like the travel.
hey bro, enjoy your journey.
go ahead.

It is really so nice to see good people starting their journey with their friends. You just did inspire everyone of us. Thank you for being a great community user, for sure you will gain more success together with your friends and us!! :-) Say regards to them! :-)

Thank you for your support!

It’s really a pleasure. Have fun with them! :-)

nice one, quality pics welcome aboard @hitwill yet to introduce my self though just went through yours its a good one

Nice to see those happy faces ! Welcome on board mate :) @hitwill

cool person you are ... you will have a great time there keep sharing loads of interesting content :)

good luck for your journey, I myself is a tech addict and love smartphones and pc's and laptops. what tech you love the most?

this is really quite amazing to see your experiences from there and will be checking out your post lovely pics around you showed today :)

Hey @hitwill i love to travel aswell upvoted and following if you want to follow me back im a traveler and tree planter

goodluck on your journey sir.pls include my beautiful country,the Philippines on your travel goals..i know your a goodman and i will pray for your success.

This is really going to be fun can't wait to see more well all the best :D
and the last pic was so cool : )

Thank you for the encouragement!!

Looks, very nice. Thinks so you are very happy. I wish your every journey spent with happiness.

A toast to good times on and off of the computer....cheers

Ooww @hitwill how are you? We didnt see you a few days. You had a lots of experiences thats are look very nice. Photos are really good and you look like very happy. Say hello to them for me ! Have a nice trip bro !

Thank you! I am just writing a new post for Monday or Tuesday!

I am waiting for it 😊

Oh nice photography in your travel really impressed. I don't describe by word the beauty of this photography. Just I feel it in my heart with my sweet dream. Thank you dear for sharing this new post with us.

Thank you @jareen61 - Hope we can share some more interesting posts

ok dear, I will wait your next post. Thank you.

Haha, cool pictures! I like the funny faces on the first picture :P

Lol, thank you, @trendo! Just having a good time with friends and family.

Looks like you are surrounded by kind people like you.
It's good to have Good friends.
you are lucky man.

Very lucky! Friends are what make life!

Good friends are those who stays with you in sorrows and in happiness.

Nice photos glad to meet you upvoted you and followed you in hope you'll follow back... you have great content...

You are lovely,
I hope you keep enjoying the life like this.
My best wishes are with you.

Thank you!!

Your Welcome :)
Keep smiling like this Always :)

Nice pictures, looks like you’re in a very good voyage, looks great.
Have a good trip.

Thanks, @jtlouis - it's a journey of life and love!

You guys look great.I'm jealous of you and me travel.Your new memories,I'm waiting for your information.I'm excited to share your adventures.Followed you late.But luckily I followed him.Seeing people happy makes me happy

have a good trip, have a good time:)

Thank you for the kind words, @areal!

I would ask. the second picture, a cover photo I made.You remind me of Bob Marley:) @hitwill

Haha! You mean the second or third picture with the colorful guy? He is someone who poses for photos in exchange for charity, which he donates to local people. Really cool guy

Yes, I was referring to that.good.. give me a handout and I posing for pictures.If you want to try it.LoL @hitwill

Hola amigo! greetings from barcelona!

If I made a hole in the earth I'd end up in Australia! luckily we have steemit and we don't need to drill anything;)

It's a beautiful country with Amazing people. I hope one day I will visit spain!

you are welcome anytime, spanish beers are ok, let me know and u'll get a cold blonde!

love seeing landscape photos from other countries if ya got any awsome pictures

Thank you, will definitely do this.

Thanks love seeing photos from other countries and there lifestyle its very cool how its all over steemit and one of my favourite things about the platform

Glad to have you with us here on Steemit @hitwill - looking forward to reading about your travels and adventures.

you look so handsome @hitwill

Hello my friend i join You in this journey. I like your introduction post but i like that photo with that Koala bear, very cute how You look. Best wishes from me

All the very best to you buddy :)
Hope this journey will be far more exciting that it is expected to be )

Hello! I will follow you, because I love to read stories about exotic countries for me. However, the country where I live, Ukraine, is just as exotic to you. We have a lot of snow, winter and very cold. However, this is all very beautiful!

I would love to see it one day!

I like your photos very much @hitwill, they're wonderful, particularly last photo with Koala is amazing!
I hope you're enjoying your new journey! Thank you for sharing, I wish you best of luck!
I upvoted 100%

this is going to be really exciting to be along with you over this journey keep steeming friend :)

holla... for you
namaste from INDIA @hitwill

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Nice post @hitwill
Like help me please @hitwill

Wow! This is really cool......//..//..//...///....////////

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I think you are a lively and entertaining person. Welcome and have a great journey here.

That Koala is hilarious! 🐨

Thanks for the support in previous posts! Very grateful for it. Keep making awesome articles especially would be more fun to hear more in depth speculations on some rare coins. Since we have around 1500+ cryptocurrencies on coinmarketcap!

I would love to hear more about EOS since Dan Larimer seems to be a genius! Maybe talk about TRON and VeChain as well. (Perhaps you already done articles on this in the past!).

Would also be extremely exciting to see you cover more Tokens that are using Ethereum platform! In the list of top 100 Tokens we could see that almost every one of them is using Ethereum as their platform!

I love to travel, I just wish to join your journey.

Helllo my friend, have a Nice day, i ll be happy If You reply me

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Loved your Pics Brother ! And the Monkey :)

Hello ❤ Great post, I hope you enjoy every second within the community and give your best at every moment.
I must say that I loved your #Introduceyourself is great for me to read the post of the other steemians on this platform ... Thank you for taking the time to write about yourself, about your life and let me know a part of what you are. I hope to read more about you soon, as well as I hope you can succeed in this social network.
By the way, I want to take this opportunity to tell you that, like you, I'm starting in this platform and I made my first post, I would greatly appreciate it if you read it and if you like it, give me a vote, comment something, give me resteem or follow me, I'll do the same if you want.
Without further ado, I say goodbye. I remain attentive to your next publications. 💋
@Mjzo here to support you in what you need. Regards!

Welcome to Steem @hitwill.

Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.

Spend time reading Steem Blue Paper to know how Steem blockchian works and if you still have any queries ask them on our Ask me anything about Steemit post and we will try to answer that.

All the Best!!!

great journey, you are a generous person, you will be successful i am sure it is ,, i always support you,@hitwill

You eat bugs, bugs eat you. :-) my friend is officially a "BUG MAN" a superhero that afraid of nothing. great content. You got an upvote from Luke Steemwalker @investing Follow me back

That's amazing @hitwill, I hope that you get success in your new journey and I think it is your best step that you've taken that never quit & never give up!

Best of luck and best wishes from me!

it's so much fun @hitwill.

when can i travel?

I really want to travel

haha i am very unfortunate

amazing journey

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