Hello Steemitians Let's know each other

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Hi Steemitian,

My Name is hidayat ullah i am 19 year old. i am student of 2nd year Pre-engineering and living in pakistan belong to respectful family
i was working on youtube for round about 1 year so due to shit policies of youtube i just leave youtube.

then Oneday i Saw post about steemit and joined steemit 1 month ago so i really like steemit. i learned a lot of new thing from this platform so far.
I am not good in English hope you will ignore my Mistakes.
if u gave some suggestions about how to success on this platform it would be great please leave ur suggestions in comments..


Thank u for Reading My short Intro


Hi @hidayat4u welcome in steemit.
Come and visit mine too

sure thank u

@hidayat4u nice iam also live pakistan and now iam starting steemit

it's good to hear best of luck bro

Welcome to steemit bro! Interact with other 'steemitians', have a good fanbase, post quality contents, comment on posts, and you are on your way to good success

thank u for ur time

Hello man, NIce to meet you!

Welceme here and I hope you will enjoy your time here... I have posted my intro few days ago, so IF you have some time you could visit @rhoty and check this too.. I hope it will attract you, but it is a bit longer than yours :-)

WE could support each other here.

sure thank u for time

Welcome so steemit
Make sure to follow me @bankthecrypto

sure thank you

Welcome to steemit,for me I will say being consistent with doing good stuffs,follow up etc
Success in your pre-engineering
Follow @willizgallery

thnk u for ur time

Welcome to Steemit friend!

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