My first post on Steemit (introduction)

in #introduceyourself3 years ago

Hey everybody!

Watching random YouTube cryptocurrency videos I came across a video of Steemit by Jerry Banfield and so now I'm here.

My native language is not English so be kind to me when I don't make sense. Be kind anyway because I have unconventional believes also.

Like everyone I'm a mind separated from the whole wanting to experience duality (current world).

@Henkie is not my real name for work related reasons.

My goal is to increase my vibration (being Love) but my ego distracts me with my body and other subjects like veganism, cryptocurrency, ECIM, family, Netflix, Youtube, my 9 to 5 job, Steemit and sometimes going out partying.

I'm curious how this platform works and if I like it I will promote Steemit to all the bloggers I know.

I wish everybody happiness and a good health!


Jerry brought me here too. Good luck with all!

Welcome! gave you a follow!

Thank you! Appreciate that very much!

You're like the tipping guru it seems!

That is so kind. Thanks. Feel at home already. :-)

I wont forget! I can see it! Must first get some SD.

Its seems we have something in common we were both bought here by Jerry haha, his videos are a bit eccentric but fun nonetheless!

Hope you have fun on steemit !

Thanks! Hehe, he is soooo energetic en fun yes!

Glad to have you here!

Thanks! @kyleblake! You are new too I see.

Welcome! Yes, let's develop Steemit. I also want to tell about it to bloggers from Russia.

Thanks! I think many people will use Steemit. :-)

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