Introduceyourself: Hi I'm hellen frezz, this is my introduction with all of you :)

in introduceyourself •  2 years ago 

halo steemian all, introduce my name hellen frezz, I am a person who likes to read and drink coffee, I just joined in steemit, I will share stories about some experiences that I have ever get, I also like traveler, travel is very cool activity, because we can enjoy the beauty of nature, I hope my friends all can support me in steemit, so I can share many stories for you all.
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thank you, nice to meet you all

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welcome to steemit hellen

Nice to meet you, @hellenfrezz! Welcome to Steemit!

Hello and Welcome to Steemit!
I followed you if you would like to then follow me back😀

Thank, i follow you now

welcome hellenfrezz! Im looking forward to read your posts :D

Thank, maybe i post about photography and coffee

Welcome! What is your favorite blend of coffee?

My favorite coffee is arabica coffee from gayo aceh, this coffee has a very strong aroma

Ah, thanks for the reply.

Hi Hellen, welcome to steemit :-)