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I'm fairly certain that posts can't be deleted once you have shared them but you can edit them to be blank. After 7 days, I know for sure that posts can't be deleted or even edited so as "they" say, once it's on the internet, it's forever on the internet. Lots of little quirks to learn on Steemit but it's a pretty fun place to explore and be part of with others. Welcome! :)


thanks @lundgreenman ! that makes me feel less dense :)

I knew about the 7 days to edit rule, and I made another mistake post today that I was able to delete within seconds of posting, but I guess I missed the window on this. oh well! shows I'm only human XD


Hey, no worries. We all do goofy things from time to time. I'm just glad you are actually human and not some bot that mindlessly upvotes mostly junk. hahaha


Now I'm curious what keywords may have made a bot give my comment an upvote. I guess not all bots are bad. ;) hehehe

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