Introduction to Hany!

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Hello people of Steemit!

Call me Hany. Im a 19 year old Malaysian animation student from Multimedia University. I was introduced to Steemit by my lecturer @sireh . Hi sir!
So! Im not really a fan of long walls of text so i'll keep it short for my first post.


That's me^^ or, at least a rendition of myself. I'd love to share my art and stuff here. The community here seems small and chill, so it feels less intimidating than putting myself out in platforms like deviantart or youtube haha.

"What kind of art do you make Hany?" Well, I'm glad you asked!
My style fluctuates a lot, but recently I've been loving to draw like this>>


I was an avid anime lover (Naruto was my shit, man) so as you can probably tell, my style is pretty heavily influenced by anime. But I hope I've stylised it enough to make it my own :D I've got a long way to go, so I hope to keep improving from now on.

Okay! That's all from me for now. Have a good day!


Hello and welcome, Hany!
I love your art. Will follow.


Thank you so much! I really appreciate the warm welcome~

Nice to have you here and a little bonus tip for you:
The first thing you should do is comment on alot of blog's that you find interesting and that you have the most knowledge.
This will make you steem power grow, good luck :)

Ooooh thanks for the tip! I appreciate it~

Hello, Hany!
Welcome to Steemit's world~
Love you art. sooo cute ><!!

Aww thank you so much!

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So I guess you're into cosplaying Hany?
Anyways welcome to steemit!

Not really actually haha. I've never really tried it but it looks fun! This one time i just wore a matryoshka (vocaloid) hoodie and called it cosplay lol. Thats just about it
Thank you!

Welcome to Steem, @hany82!

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Selamat datang steemit ...

Terima kasih :))

excelente bienvenido!! :D

Hi @hany82, welcome to Steemit!!!

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Hi @hany82, great to see you around. If you can, try adding more tag: #teammalaysia, #steem-cartoon, #steemiteducation and #promo-steem. Hopefully you will get more upvotes from the community. Good Luck!

Ooh, got it. Thank you for the advice!

Hi @hany82, great to see you around. If you can, try adding more tag: #teammalaysia, #steem-cartoon, #steemiteducation and #promo-steem. Hopefully you will get more upvotes from the community. Good Luck!

Welcome to steemit girl and nice to meet cha~
I'm also from MMU....used to be....I'm old

Oooooh senior~ shh we dont say old, we say gold lol
Thanks for the warm welcome, its very much appreciated. :DD